There's no denying that when it comes to protection and mobility, leather armour is definitely the way to go. A suit of leather armour allows for a warrior to protect their vitals while retaining their agility, and at Medieval Armour, we understand that mobility is sometimes every bit as important as plated protection. And that's why we offer such a wide selection of different pieces of leather armour. Virtually all of our leather armour is crafted from high quality leather, and many pieces are even crafted from armor-grade leather to ensure its strength and its durability. And because of that strength, much of our leather armour works wonderfully as leather SCA armour or leather LARP armour, providing a more than adequate level of protection for any fighter or warrior interested in reenactment or battle. Much of our leather armour is modeled after traditional medieval armour, although there are plenty of pieces of fantasy leather armour for those out there who want a distinctive and unique style fitting their fantasy theme. And of course, we offer various pieces of protection so that they can be mixed and matched, creating a wide assortment of different looks. We have leather arm armour to keep your wrists and arms safe from harm, as well as leather leg armour for keeping others from inflicting damage upon your legs. There's leather neck armour and leather helmets for protecting your vital regions, i.e. your head and your neck, and of course, there's leather body armour to keep core safe from enemy blows. When it comes to leather armour, at Medieval Armour, we don't kid around, offering the widest selection of leather armour and all its pieces possible, all so that you can peruse, purchase and put together your ideal suit of authentic medieval or fantasy leather armour.
Female Leather Armour, Womens Leather Valkyrie Armour, and Womens Leather Fantasy Armor
Join the field of battle, and show that your fighting spirit is the equal of any man with our fine selection of female leather armour here at Medieval Armour! We carry a great assortment of womens leather armour including leather corsets, leather bracers, leather tassets, leather greaves, leather armour skirts, and much more. Or female armour makes it easy to transform yourself into a Valkyrie, lady knight, fantasy rogue, or other female warrior.
Leather Arm Bracers
A good pair of leather arm bracers is so much more than just a simple piece of arm protection. You'll find dozens of different leather bracers here at Medieval Armour, with some being distinctively medieval leather bracers while others are pure fantasy leather bracers, although all of our leather arm bracers are made from some of the highest quality materials possible.
Leather Armour Packages
If you're looking for a complete suit of leather body armour and you've found your way here, to Medieval Armour, then you've found the right place. Here, you'll find a number of great leather armour sets, which are not only perfect for keeping you protected behind layers of intimidating leather armour, but are also great for making you look like a true warrior.
Leather Body Armour
When you're looking to protect yourself with a combination of fancy footwork and armour, then you should definitely consider wearing leather body armour. Leather armour is lighter and more flexible than metal, giving the wearer that much more room to work with. And when you decide to wear leather armour, you can find the leather cuirass you need here at Medieval Armour.
Leather Brigandines
The leather brigandine first surfaced during the 14th century, before coming into widespread use during the following 15th and 16th centuries, were it survived the transition between mail and plate armour. This is because a leather brigandine perfectly combines the lightness and the maneuverability of leather with the strength of layered plate armour.
Leather Cuisse Armour
At Medieval Armour, we don't just offer a few pieces of protection. No, we pride ourselves on offering as much protective gear as we can. And that means that we're happy to offer you leather cuisse armour and leather tassets, along with a number of other examples of fine leather armour that is designed to protect any warrior's thigh and upper leg.
Leather Full Arm Armour
In battle, it is important to protect both your hands and your arms, and there's no better way to protect yourself and retain your mobility than to wear a set of Leather Full Arm Armour. And here at Medieval Armour, we offer not just one or two sets of leather arm armour, but several, allowing any warrior to have their pick of several different styles of quality arm protection.
Leather Full Leg Armour
In the hectic hustle and bustle of battle, it's easy to forget, sometimes, about what ones legs are doing...and how well they're protected. Agility and movement will take you far, but sometimes, it's better to cover all your bases and wear some leather leg armour, which is why Medieval Armour carries an assortment of leather full leg armour fit for any warrior or knight!
Leather Gorgets
Like its metal cousins, a leather gorget is more than just a piece of armour. Of course, leather gorgets do provide an added level of defense to the collar, neck, shoulders, and chest, and that alone is a valuable feature. But a leather gorget can also act as a harness, allowing even more defenses to be added to a warrior's defense.
Leather Greaves
A good pair of leather greaves can save your life, or at least save your skin when it comes to reenactments and mock-battles. Modeled after traditional medieval greaves, the leather leg armour here at Medieval Armour is aimed at keeping your legs safe in a fight, ensuring that you can focus your attention on the battle at hand, instead of on how well protected you are.
Leather Helmets
When a metal helmet is too heavy, a warrior should turn to a leather helmet to provide the protection you need with the mobility you desire. Each and every one of the leather helms featured here at Medieval Armour is a fantastic item that's crafted from the best quality leather, ensuring that each helmet is a piece of armor that's worthy of any warrior.
Leather Pauldrons
Medieval pauldrons were worn by heavily armored warriors who wanted the utmost protection possible, armouring even their shoulders before riding into battle. And at Medieval Armour, we provide the means for modern-day warriors to do the same, by offering a wide assortment of leather shoulder armour and leather pauldrons for enhancing a warrior's defense.