When it comes to the iconic medieval warrior, steel armour is what everyone pictures. Or more specifically, they envision a gleaming warrior covered from head to toe in plate armour. And at Medieval Armour, we offer a massive of variety of steel armour, ranging from full suits of armour to the various pieces of medieval armour that a warrior can wear into battle. In our steel armour section, you'll find just about everything you need to put together a full and cohesive suit of traditional medieval armour. What this means is that you'll find steel body armour, steel leg armour, steel arm armour, steel gorgets, and more, all geared towards allowing you to mix and match your favorite steel pieces to create your ideal suit of knights armour. Of course, we don't just offer everything piecemeal. We also offer steel suits of armor that are pre-assembled and containing virtually everything you need to either equip yourself with impressive war gear or put up one heck of an armoured decoration. Steel armour makes for great reenactment armour and SCA armour, providing a solid defense against strikes and blows from a variety of weighted and blunted weapons that are typically used when reenacting battles. And because of its strength and its intimidating look, steel body armour also makes for great LARP armour, where it will transform anyone into an impressive looking warrior. A few pieces of steel armour will keep you safe and secure, while a full suit of steal armour will make you feel invincible and look incredible. So now that Medieval Armour has your attention, why not take a moment to browse through our incredible selection of steel armour? You never know what you might find, whether it's the perfect suit of reenactment armour, that steel arm armour you've been craving, or even just a wickedly awesome suit of armour to stand in your entry hall that will make all your guests stop and say 'wow'.
DIY Armour Pieces, Build Your Own Armour, Plate Armour Pieces, and Armour Repair Pieces
For those looking to craft their own unique armour parts, our DIY Armour Pieces here at Medieval Armour are great for creating custom historic reenactment and LARP armour. Plate armour, scale armour, and ring armour are often made up of many segments secured together, and we offer these individual segments in a variety of materials. These do-it-yourself armour pieces are also great for repairing or modifying existing armour.
Full Suits of Armour
Things get hectic on the field of battle...but that doesn't stop everyone from taking notice of a heavy warrior clad in a full suit of medieval plate armour. It just goes to show how impressive full suits of armour are. And like the suits of medieval armour from eras long-since passed, the suits of steel armour here at Medieval Armour are nothing if not incredibly impressive to behold.
Steel Arm Armour
Throughout the ages, warriors have sought many ways to protect their arms in battle, and here at Medieval Armour, we have collected several of their various protections and their modern recreations, all so that we can offer them to the modern-day warrior who wants a set of steel arm armour that will both protect their arms and complete their historically styled image.
Steel Arm Bracers
Sometimes a warrior doesn't want or need to cover himself in layers of thick, heavy steel. Sometimes, a bit of steel is all the protection you'll need. And for those situations, Medieval Armour offers a number of steel arm bracers, which are perfect for providing not only a touch of protection on the arms, right where you need it, but also a bit of authentic medieval style.
Steel Armour Packages
These Steel Armour Packages are a great way to make putting together a full suit of armour easy and hassle-free. Each and every steel armour package offered here at Medieval Armour contains a few pieces of armour that go a long way towards enhancing not only your medieval or fantasy look, but also enhancing your personal level of protection in battle.
Steel Body Armour
The chest is, without a doubt, the largest target on a body going into battle. Luckily, if you shopped at Medieval Armour beforehand, you'll already have an edge in the form of steel body armour. Fully protected by the steel cuirass or harness of your choice, you can advance into the enemy ranks without fear, knowing that your torso is well-protected by layers of steel armour.
Steel Full Leg Armour
Even a warrior that values mobility in combat has to evaluate the danger of leaving one's legs unprotected in battle. All it would take is one luck strike before that mobility is gone. That's why, at Medieval Armour, we offer a wide assortment of steel full leg armour, because even if leg protection slows you down, it's worth it to have the added defense.
Steel Gauntlets
For total hand protection, you need a pair of steel gauntlets from Medieval Armour. With these metal mitts, your hands will be almost impervious...and yet, because many of our medieval gauntlets are articulated, you'll also retain most (if not all) of your dexterity, allowing you to continue wielding your weapon with all the skill of a trained fighter.
Steel Gorgets
At first glance, you might wonder why a steel gorget is necessary. But we assure you, the first time a blade slides off your helmet and bounces right off your functional gorget, you'll be sold on this neck armour. And even better, a good steel gorget isn't just added protection, but also a harness that allows you to heap even more protections upon your person.
Steel Greaves
Just as bracers or gauntlets are important for protecting the hands and forearms, greaves are important for protecting the lower leg. And at Medieval Armour, you not only have a selection of functional steel greaves to choose from, but you also have a selection of incredible looking medieval greaves, which come in a wide assortment of different styles.
Steel Pauldrons
If you're going for the total package of a completely armed and armoured look, then you won't want to march into battle without wearing a good pair of medieval pauldrons. And of course, Medieval Armour is your number-one place to find all the steel pauldrons and steel spaulders you need to provide perfect protection to your shoulders and upper arms.
Steel Thigh Armour
If you think that, after donning a cuirass, greaves, bracers, pauldrons, and a helmet, you're fully armoured, then think again! Your upper legs are still open to attack. Don't worry, though, because Medieval Armour offers the perfect remedy for that, in the form of our steel thigh armour, which can consists of cuisse, tassets, or even groin plates!