MAR Home Intro is the largest distributor of Medieval and Renaissance Armour. We have been serving the online community since 2003 and only carry the highest quality Medieval Armour from around the world. Our armour is broken down into five main categories, Leather Armour, Steel Armour, Chainmail, Helmets and Shields. Our site is updated daily to bring you the most current new armour products on the market at reasonable prices. Can't find what your looking for? Use our Live Chat service or give us a call at 1-877-637-9673.

Leather Armour

Leather Armour

Our leather armour is crafted from armour grade leather (13-15 oz.) which ensures long life and durability. Because of this, just about all of our leather armour (except for the leather helmets) is appropriate for the SCA. We also have some leather armor crafted from 7/8 oz leather which is best for theater or LARP. It's also great for LARP and other Re-enactments or for hanging out at the Renaissance Fair.  We have leather armour from traditional medieval styles to awesomely bad fantasy styles. We have leather arm armour which has leather bracers, pauldrons, wrist bracers and gauntlets.  Our leather leg armour contains leather greaves, sabatons, and full leg armour. Leather breastplates, cuirasses and harnesses are located under our leather body armour section. Finally we have leather gorgets, bevors and mantles for neck armour protection. Our leather armour is priced right with a Peasants pay kept in mind. In other words, for you "modern" folks, it's pretty affordable. So have a look and see what we have to offer. Any suggestions are welcome, as are custom orders. See each individual item for leather thickness and other details. View Our Leather Armour

Steel Armour

Steel Armour has a large variety of fully functional battle ready steel armour. We have many pieces of steel armour such as body armour, leg armour, arm armour, and full suits of armour. Steel body armour pieces include steel breastplates, backplates, cuirasses and harnesses. In steel leg armour we have everything from greaves to thigh armour. Arm armour includes functional arm bracers, pauldrons, gauntlets and spaulders. Many pieces of our steel armour are custom made to your measurements and you can select what type of steel, gauge of steel or thickness and color. Our functional steel armour is used by SCA groups, medieval fairs, movies, LARP events, and reenactments. We add new functional armour pieces monthly so always check back with us for the most current pieces of steel armour from around the world. View Our Steel Armour


Chain Mail Armour

Medieval Chainmail Armour for SCA, Renaissance Fairs and any other functions. Our chainmail is battle ready and a necessity for all Knights. Get yourself a full suit of chainmail armour. We have Chain Mail to cover all parts: Chain Mail Coifs, Chain Mail Hauberks, Chain Mail Mantles and Chainmail Chausses. Our chain mails comes in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, and Blackened Steel. They also come in a variety of styles: Flatten, Butted and Riveted Mail. Our chain mail coifs provide head, neck and shoulder protection, while or chain mail hauberks provide upper body protection and arm protection. Chain mail chauses provide protection for the thighs, knees, and the lower leg. View Our Chainmail


Helmets is proud to present a range of Medieval and Renaissance helmets. We carry helmets made by Windlass, C.A.S. Iberia, Paul Chen and many other manufacturers! Some helmets are battle ready and can be used by SCA, Re-enactment and LARP groups, while others are for decorative use and make a great home accents. We are one of largest suppliers of helmets ranging from Medieval helmets, Fantasy helmets, Roman helmets, Greek helmets, Celtic helmets, Viking helmets, Japanese helmets, LARP helmets and Leather helmets. When your medieval and renaissance helmets are not in use we have helmet stands. These helmet stands will accommodate any full size helmet. We are sure to have what you are looking for, whether it is for battle, home decoration or a Renaissance Fair! View Our Helmets



At, you will find a wide variety of Medieval and Renaissance style shields. Some shields are Battle ready and decorative as well as Live Action Role-play Shields. Display our decorative shields or decorative heater shields in your den or in your young knights bedroom. Use our functional shields to keep yourself alive during battle! We also have LARP shields for all of you role play gamers. Our SCA battle ready shields are great for SCA re-enactments and are constructed of 16 gauge steel. Decorative shield sword hangers is great for hanging your favorite sword with that decorative shield in your home. We also have Roman shields that were used in the Roman army for protection. All our decorative, Roman, Rampant Lion, functional and LARP shields are at reasonable prices. We carry shields from different cultures and eras like Greek Shields, Crusader Shields, Roman Shields and Viking Shields. View Our Shields