LARP Helmets

Helmets aren't only for providing protection to your head. Some, like these live action roleplaying helmets, or LARP helmets, are designed purely for aesthetical reasons. What this means is that while these LARP helms won't provide the sturdiest of defense, they will offer you an impressive look that is a compliment to any fantasy or medieval style. And since live action roleplays can cover a wide variety of scenes ranging from purely historical to pure fantasy, the LARP helmets at Medieval Armour run across a wide gamut of styles, ranging from classic medieval helmets to simple elven helmets, down even to impressive fantasy helmets that transform their wearer into fearsome skull faced warriors! And that is not even half of what we have! Many of these LRP helmets (live roleplay) are made of a soft, synthetic material that is designed for comfort and painted to resemble metal and steel, giving them a realistic look without replicating the weight or hard edges of a traditional helmet. Some of our LARP helmets, however, are also leather helmets, which ensure that some offer a nice medium between limited protection and impressive style. Before you march off to do battle in a live action roleplay with your friends and foes, it's best to make sure you're properly attired and armed. And while you're at it, check out the Medieval Armour's section of LARP and LRP Helmets, where you might just find something that's perfect for you.