Decorative Shields

There isn't a wall in the world that couldn't benefit from having one of Medieval Armour's decorative shields displayed on it. Each and every one of our decor shields are impressively constructed and designed with display in mind, often replicating classic medieval shield shapes emblazoned with distinctive and noteworthy heraldries as well as iconic symbols and designs. As one can imagine, these display shields come in several different styles, if only because there are so many groups and individuals throughout the medieval age that are worth acknowledging. A Richard the Lionheart shield would look great on the wall to celebrate one of England's most famous kings and one of history's well-known crusaders. A Templar shield would be the ideal accent to display for any history enthusiast who loves the crusades or the Knights Templar. A black prince shield is the perfect commemoration to a great military leader. And these are just ideas. Each one of these decorative medieval shields is a quality piece of work that features impressive detailing and breathtaking design, which all but ensures that every shield you see here is a work of art that's worth displaying as a part of almost any decor. Whether you go for a famous name like a Charlemagne shield or a Charles V shield, or just go for something that's just incredibly impressive, like a renowned Marto shield, you can bet that it will be an amazing display piece.
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15th Century Round Shield

Item # ME-0141
A beautiful representation of a medieval era shield called a targe, the 15th Century Round Shield is an exquisite decoration that is perfect for displaying your interest in the various equipment used in medieval warfare.

Black Conan the Barbarian Round Buckler by Marto

Item # MA-CONAN032S
A buckler is an ideal shield for a warrior looking for light, agile protection without compromising their offense. Conan chose to use one and now you can choose his, in the Black Conan the Barbarian Round Buckler by Marto.

Black Prince Shield

Item # AA806
Edward of Woodstock, known as the Black Prince, was the eldest son of King Edward III of England, and father to King Richard II of England. Crafted in Toledo, Spain, the shield is made in burnished steel with bronzed embossing.

Brass Villanovan Shield

Item # AH-3990
Modeled after a ceremonial shield that was dated back to 7th century B.C., the Brass Villanovan Shield is a beautiful recreation of an antique shield that features an immense array of attractive and impressive embossed designs.

Castle Shield by Marto

Item # MA-962S
The Castle Shield by Marto is an absolutely beautiful shield featuring the intricate design of a castle on its front, as well as an astonishingly solid build of steel and gold-plated rivets. It is a great piece of medieval decor.

Charlemagne Shield

Item # AA805
This full sized shield by Armaduras bears the Fleur-de-Lys crest of Charlemagne, ruler of the Holy Roman Empire, mounted over the blue cross of Lorraine. Crafted in Spain, the shield is made in burnished steel with bronzed embossing.

Charlemagne Wooden Shield

Item # AG876
This ornate, full sized shield by Art Gladius bears the eagle crest of Charlemagne, ruler of the Holy Roman Empire. Crafted in Spain, the shield is made of wood and is highly decorative on the front, making it great for home decor.

Charles V Holy Roman Empire Shield by Marto

Item # MA-970-6S
The Charles V Holy Roman Empire Shield by Marto of Toledo Spain is an ornamental triangular shield, known as a kite shield, made from steel and embellished with gold. This medieval shield makes for a great home decor.

Charles V Shield

Item # AX40442
The Charles V Shield is a great decorative shield to add to your medieval themed home or office. This shield is made of steel and features a white background with a red cross. The Charles V Shield features the seal of Charles V of Spain.

Conan the Barbarian Leather Round Shield by Marto

Item # MA-CONAN033S
A leather shield would be of value to a barbarian, being light-weight and easy to use. While these describe the shield that Conan used, they leave out the detail found on our Conan the Barbarian Leather Round Shield by Marto.

Crusader Knight Shield of Ibelin

Item # NP-M-S-3018
The Crusader Knight Shield of Ibelin is inspired by the shields carried by the Knights of Ibelin in the film Kingdom of Heaven. This stainless-steel shield features a dark crimson Jerusalem Cross against a field of off yellow.

Crusaders Shield

Item # AA858
The Crusader shield has a Crusader cross in the middle of the shield and six Fleur De Lis on the outer edge. This beautiful Crusader shield is fabricated in steel and features a variety of bronze-steel embossing and enamel finishes.