Steel Sabatons

Sabatons are foot armour used throughout the Middle Ages and into the early Renaissance. Typically, sabatons were not worn by foot soldiers but instead protected the feet of mounted fighters. This foot armour would primarily defend the top and sides of the foot. At Medieval Armour, our steel sabatons are great for LARP and reenactment use. Our sabatons are typically sold as a pair and are made of hinged strips of steel with leather straps for flexibility while fighting. Most are designed to be worn over shoes or boots. For a comprehensive armoured look, you cannot forget the feet! Shop all our steel sabatons here.
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Medieval Sabatons

Item # MHR-A0915
Ideal for LARPing and re-enactments, The Medieval Sabatons feature a design inspired by the steel foot armour of the Middle Ages, crafted with lateral hinges and several metal layers to provide maximum flexibility when fighting.