DIY Leather Armour Pieces

If you have been thinking of making your own leather armour or embellishing the leather armour you already have, browse through our selection of DIY leather armour pieces. Our leather armour pieces here are intended for creating your own leather armour or for adding on to existing armour, such as for providing extra detail or for repair purposes. We offer leather lamellae plates that are ideal for creating your own leather lamellar plate armour. For all our do-it-yourself leather armour pieces, this is the place to shop. Be sure to keep checking back as we add new pieces whenever they become available.
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Shapur Leather Lamellae Plates

Item # MY100585
Create your own lamellar armour or add unique flair to your favorite armour pieces with the Shapur Leather Lamellae Plates. Great for various sorts of DIY endeavors, this set includes 20 rectangular leather scales with leather cord.