Steel Gorgets

At first glance, you might wonder why a steel gorget is necessary. But we assure you, the first time a blade slides off your helmet and bounces right off your functional gorget, you'll be sold on this neck armour. And even better, a good steel gorget isn't just added protection, but also a harness that allows you to heap even more protections upon your person. Once again, that equation is steel gorgets equal protection plus more protection. And that's always a good thing. At Medieval Armour, we offer a wide array of different gorgets and bevors, all of which are designed to fully protect your collar and neck, as well as part of your shoulders. These steel gorgets are more than just wicked collars to wear around your neck, though. Being fully functional gorgets, they are fantastic for SCA events as well as LARP battles. Our gorgets come in few different styles, ranging from gothic gorgets to elven gorgets, down even to knights gorgets and king gorgets that are perfect for the classic warrior from the medieval era. Why risk everything in battle when you can just wear a functional steel gorget from Medieval Armour and preempt any of the potential hazards that might come hurtling through the air towards your neck?
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14th Century Gothic Gorget

Item # DS-1712

Not all warriors want something showy and flashy when it comes to their armor and their protection. Sometimes, raw steel is all that is wanted. If that is the case, this 14th Century Gothic Gorget blends fine lines with fine protection.


15th Century Articulated Gorget

Item # MH-A0906
The 15th Century Articulated Gorget shows the logical evolution in armour development from the bascinet with aventail to a sallet helm with gorget. This steel gorget matches the style of European armour from 1480 to 1500.

16th Century Gorget

Item # MH-A0788A
An effective method of protection, medieval gorgets were used extensively for guarding the neck region. The 16th Century Gorget features a protruding neck ring and a wide collar marked with decorative round bumps around the edges.

16th Century Neckless Gorget

Item # MH-A0788C
An effective method of protection in battle, medieval gorgets were used extensively for guarding the neck region. The 16th Century Neckless Gorget features a wide collar marked with decorative round bumps around the edges.

16th Century Strapped Gorget

Item # MH-A0788B
You wish to join the infamous mercenary standing before you. Ready for any battle, you protect your neck by wearing the 16th Century Strapped Gorget. This steel armour makes a wonderful addition to a historical reenactment outfit.

Blackened Adam Gorget

Item # MY100049
The Blackened Adam Gorget offers excellent protection to your neck with its sturdy construction. The Adam-style armour features stiff corrugated detailing along the outer rims, adding classic style and stability to the design.

Blackened Balthasar Gorget

Item # MY100051
The Blackened Balthasar Gorget is a stylish piece of neck armour, its elegant lines and riveted detailing along the edges helping it to stand out. The steel gorget features a dark metal finish that suits warlords and rogues.

Blackened Dragomir Gorget

Item # MY101056
As a member of an evil army, your neck is always in danger from attack by enemy warriors. You protect your neck with the Blackened Dragomir Gorget. Wear this gorget to your next LARP event, Renaissance faire, or cosplay convention.

Blackened Georg Gorget

Item # MY100734
You have the cuirass, the helmet, and the spaulders, and yet your armour still feels incomplete. Do not forget to cover your neck! The Blackened Georg Gorget makes the perfect piece that is sure to complete your armoured ensemble.

Blackened Gustav Gorget

Item # MY100296
Gorgets are plate armour made to protect the neck, and our Blackened Gustav Gorget does its job with versatile style. Made of 16 gauge blackened steel, this high-quality piece makes a great addition to any suit of plate armour.

Blackened Markward Gorget

Item # MY100055
The Blackened Markward Gorget stands out due to its construction from three metal pieces rather than the typical two-part design. The steel gorget shows off a great look with curved sides and a dark metal finish.

Blackened Mina Gorget

Item # MY100059
The Blackened Mina Gorget makes a good option for warrior princesses, shieldmaidens, and lady knights heading to battle. The steel gorget displays a dark metal finish that looks great with the decorative rivets that frame the piece.