New products

Baudouin Pauldrons - Brown

Item # HW-701511BR
Whether you want to head out on Crusade or wish to get gold and glory, make sure that your shoulders are protected with the brown Baudouin Pauldrons. These leather spaulders match well with a variety of LARP costumes and ensembles.

Leather Viking Bracers - Brown

Item # HW-701523BR
Before you set out to plunder a nearby village, make sure that you are well equipped with the proper armour such as the brown Leather Viking Bracers. Wear these Norse bracers into battle at your next LARP event or reenactment.

15th Century Steel Gauntlets

Item # HW-701500
Smart warriors know that their hands are vulnerable in sword fighting. Make sure that your hands are protected with the 15th Century Steel Gauntlets. These mitten gauntlets are a great option for reenactments and Renaissance faires.

Aluminum and Rubber Long Sleeve Chainmail Hauberk

Item # HW-701333
For many film or theater productions, the Aluminum and Rubber Long Sleeve Chainmail Hauberk makes a great lightweight option for a medieval style. The chainmail also works well for those looking to practice for their next LARP battle.

German Knight 3/4 Steel Leg Armor

Item # HW-701317
You march towards the river to meet the enemy before they attack the kingdom. You are ready with armour like the German Knight 3/4 Steel Leg Armor. This leg armour is ideal for reenactments, cosplay events, and stage fighting.

Premium Medieval Chainmail Coif

Item # HW-700994-L
Protect your head from the enemy when fighting in battle. Add the Premium Medieval Chainmail Coif to your ensemble to guard your head from any foe. Wear it with your knight, rogue, or Viking costume for cosplay events or LARP battles.

German Knight Steel Breastplate

Item # HW-700951
Hail brave knight, the king calls you forth to commend your courage. The German Knight Steel Breastplate gleams before the assembly as you walk forward. Add this steel torso armour to your medieval ensemble, especially for a reenactment.

Elegant Knightly Steel Elbow Cops

Item # HW-700923
Do not let the enemy take you by surprise. Ensure that every part of you is protected such as your elbows with the Elegant Knightly Steel Elbow Cops. Wear them to your next historical reenactment and guard your elbows from any attack.

Ancient Warrior Breastplate

Item # HW-700861
No matter if you are a mercenary fighting for glory or a soldier defending a kingdom, you require great armour like the Ancient Warrior Breastplate. Add this steel torso armour to your medieval ensemble, especially for a reenactment.

Brown Leather Gladiator Gauntlet

Item # HW-700510
Prepare gladiator, the battle ahead will be fierce and dangerous. Guard your right hand from an attack with the Brown Leather Gladiator Gauntlet. Add it to your reenactment or LARP outfit. It looks right at home in many ensembles.

Greek Corinthian Helmet with Plume

Item # HW-700182
You, Spartan warrior, have spent years preparing for this battle. Let the Persian army feel fear when they see the Greek Corinthian Helmet with Plume. Wear this impressive helmet at a cosplay event or within a theatrical production.

1st Century Celtic Horsemans Helmet

Item # HW-700007-18
Upon your loyal steed, you survey the battlefield. You are ready to take on the enemy with great armour like the 1st Century Celtic Horsemans Helmet. Impress both friend and foe with this helmet at your next LARP or cosplay event.

3rd Century Celtic La Tene Helmet

Item # HW-700003-18
The enemy approaches your infantry line. You stand with your comrades, ready to fight. Protect your head by wearing the 3rd Century Celtic La Tene Helmet. Wear this steel helmet to your next LARP battle or cosplay convention.