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Titus Gorget

Item # MY100869
Sometimes in battle you do not have a partner to save you. Protect your neck from enemy blows with the Titus Gorget at a LARP battle or stage fight. Customize your character for a variety of medieval, fantasy, and Renaissance events.

Marius Gorget

Item # MY100868
A warrior knows to protect their neck in battle. Add the Marius Gorget to a variety of outfits and ensure your safety from the enemy. Whether for Steampunk fights, Western showdowns, or historical reenactments, this gorget is ideal.

Lion Greaves

Item # MY100866
A leather armour ensemble does not look complete without every piece. Do not forget to include the Lion Greaves when creating your warrior outfit. Impress everyone with your defensive armour at a fantasy convention or LARP event.

Lion Bracers

Item # MY100865
When you want to become a ferocious warrior, you need to wear the fiercest armour. Add the Lion Bracers to your intimidating appearance and strategy. They are ideal for fighting a LARP battle or to impress at a fantasy event.

Crisso Single Pauldron

Item # MY100859
The smart infantryman will protect their shoulders, especially when holding a shield. Protect your left shoulder with the Crisso Single Pauldron. It is ideal for adding a fantasy or historical touch to any LARP outfit or costume.

Crisso Shoulder Harness

Item # MY100858
Just because you are holding a shield, does not mean that the enemy will not attack that side. Go protect yourself with the Crisso Shoulder Harness. It is a great addition to a fantasy or historical costume for a convention or faire.

Antonius Leather Torso

Item # MY100856
A soldier often looks to strike at the heart of their enemy. Protect your chest with the Antonius Leather Torso. It is ideal for the smart warrior who is attending a medieval faire, historical convention, or role-playing activity.

Alistair Greaves

Item # MY100854
Whether an elven ranger or dragon slayer, a warrior needs to protect their legs from an enemy. Wear the Alistair greaves when marching into battle. They are ideal when attending a fantasy convention, medieval faire, or LARP event.

Alistair Bracers

Item # MY100853
A great warrior should showcase their skill in battle by wearing proof of their prowess. The Alistair Bracers look as if they were created with dragon scales or forest leaves and are a great accessory for a convention or LARP event.

Geralt Bracer with Throwing Dagger Holder

Item # MY100886
For the intrepid adventurer looking for a streamlined look, the Geralt Bracer with Throwing Dagger Holder is ideal for combining necessary equipment. The LARPing bandit or mage commands any convention or faire with this arm combo.

Quintus Leather Body Armour - Premium Version

Item # MY100800
Whether a proper Roman or a mining dwarf, protective gear is necessary. Wear the Premium Version of the Quintus Leather Body Armour for anything that may come your way. It is great body armour for a LARP event or fantasy convention.

Quintus Leather Bracers - Premium Version

Item # MY100799
When clashing swords with an enemy, the arms are particularly vulnerable to attack. Protect them with the Quintus Leather Bracers to ensure victory. A well-prepared foot soldier can wear these at a faire, LARP event, or convention.

Quintus Leather Pauldrons - Premium Version

Item # MY100798
The Premium Version of the Quintus Leather Pauldrons are designed for the militaristic minded. Practical, they protect the shoulders against an enemy. Ideal for a LARP, reenactment, or fantasy event, they add a historical detail.

Quintus Leather Greaves - Premium Version

Item # MY100797
Do not forget the shins when getting your armour. The Premium Version of the Quintus Leather Greaves is great for lower leg protection. They add a historical and militaristic detail to a fantasy outfit or the ideal LARP ensemble.