Steel Full Leg Armour

Even a warrior that values mobility in combat has to evaluate the danger of leaving one's legs unprotected in battle. All it would take is one luck strike before that mobility is gone. That's why, at Medieval Armour, we offer a wide assortment of steel full leg armour, because even if leg protection slows you down, it's worth it to have the added defense. Our steel leg armour comes in a variety of different styles and consists of a variety of different pieces, just like actual medieval armour did, centuries ago. Virtually all of our medieval leg armour consists of a cuisse or thigh armour of some kind, providing protection to the upper leg. Most also extend down over the knee, protecting this important joint, before ending along the lower leg. As well as our full leg armour, which covers the whole leg, we also offer 3/4 leg armour, which covers most of the legs and requires only an added set of functional greaves to provide complete and total leg protection. As they are made completely from steel, these sets of medieval leg armour are also fully functional armour, making them an ideal set of SCA leg armour or LARP leg armour, providing all the protection your legs need to shrug off a blow from a padded or heavy foam weapon, while also preventing serious injury from a blow dealt by a blunted sword or training blade. If you're not one-hundred percent sure that your legs won't come under attack (and really, how could you be?) then a good set of steel full leg armour from Medieval Armour is just preventative planning at its best.

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13th Century Poleyns

Item # MH-A0403
Rigid plate armour to complement chainmail quickly gained popularity in the mid-1200s. The 13th Century Poleyns are inspired by illuminations, funerary sculptures, and other artworks showing this sort of knee protection.

15th Century Avant Milanese Legs

Item # MH-A0914
One of the oldest complete sets of armour in the world, the Avant armour is named for the inscription on the breastplate meaning, Forward! The 15th Century Avant Milanese legs consists of polished steel cuisses and poleyns.

15th Century Foot Soldier Knee Guard

Item # AH-3897
Any warrior in battle, from the lowliest foot soldiers to the most trained knights, knew that protecting ones knees was important. That is why many warriors chose to wear protections like these 15th Century Foot Soldier Knee Guards.

Black Ice Steel Leg Armour

Item # MCI-2655
According to legend, the armour of the Rakh is fashioned from the Essence of Black Ice. Enter the realm of ConQuest with the Black Ice Steel Leg Armour protecting your thighs and knees, and join the battle against the Imperfect.

Blackened Balthasar Full Leg Guards

Item # MY100090
Stay mobile on the battlefield by protecting your legs like the assets they are! The Blackened Balthasar Full Leg Guards cover a generous portion of your upper thigh, knee, and part of the lower leg with steel plate armour.

Blackened Conrad Knee Protection

Item # MY100094
Make sure you do not take an arrow to the knee during your next battle by adding the Blackened Conrad Knee Protection to your warrior ensemble! The steel knee armour displays a dark metal finish perfect for mercenaries and rogues.

Blackened Gustav Full Leg Guards

Item # MY100397
The Blackened Gustav Full Leg Guards are ideal for protecting as much of your legs as possible during light historical reenactment. Made of 16 gauge blackened steel, these leg guards feature a round plate for guarding the knee.

Blackened Markward Full Leg Guards

Item # MY100096
Simple yet effective armour for the thigh and knee, the Blackened Markward Full Leg Guards offer excellent protection on the battlefield. The steel leg armour consists of eight pieces, a design which grants great flexibility.

ConQuest Undead Full Steel Legs

Item # MCI-2646
Step into your next LARP battle with your lower limbs completely shielded by the ConQuest Undead Full Steel Legs. As part of the officially licensed Undead Flesh collection, this leg armour matches well with our Undead Tabbard.

Edward Darkened Leg Guards

Item # MY100210
No soul is pure evil, but yours comes close. A wicked knight deserves armour to match a black heart. Onlookers must instantly comprehend your dark role. Keep a steady foot down the heinous path with the Edward Darkened Leg Guards.

Edward Steel Leg Guards

Item # MY100209
The chivalrous knight walks a path filled with dastardly things. Bandits, dark knights, and dragons are expected. Do not be concerned, you are no weak knee warrior. You shield your mighty limbs with the Edward Steel Leg Guards.

Fantasy Leg Armour

Item # DS-1709

If you think about it, your knees are very important when it comes to combat. If you take out a warriors knees, they are bound to crumple to the ground. That is why this Fantasy Leg Armour is integral to any warriors armored attire.