Leather Gauntlets

If you are seeking leather armour that protects the wrist or hand, then our leather gauntlets category is the place to be. Here you will find a variety of armour pieces made of high quality leather and in a range of structures meant to protect the entire lower half of the arm, including the hand, as well as those that focus on just the wrist itself. These leather gauntlets are great for LARP, light combat, and costume armour pieces. The leather is of incredible quality, and many of these armour pieces are available in a variety of colors. When you need armour to protect your hands and wrists, be sure to shop our leather gauntlets here at Medieval Armour.
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Dark Lord's Gauntlets

Item # RT-141
Sometimes, gauntlets offer more than good hand protection. In the case of these Dark Lords Gauntlets, they look as though they will double as effective weapons, not to mention impressive devices that will intimidate your foes.

Decius Leather Gauntlets

Item # MY100175
How does a small cut to the hand make a firm grip painfully unbearable? Steady hands are required for powered strikes. Avoid this unfortunate situation, and properly fortify these important limbs with the Decius Leather Gauntlets.

Knightly Leather Half Gauntlets

Item # DK5301
Leather half gauntlets provide great protection for your wrist and the top of your hand when sword fighting. Made of 13/15 oz. leather, they are suitable for SCA and LARP. They are offered in one size but are available in many colors.

Odomar Viking Leather Gauntlets

Item # RT-247
The brave Nordic warrior unleashes a powerful strike with a mighty war hammer. The brunt of a sword attack hits the right hand, but the damage is minimal thanks to the protection provided by the Odomar Viking Leather Gauntlets.

Odomar Viking Leather Half Gauntlets

Item # RT-250
Wielding a massive battle-axe, the Nordic raider rips through enemy lines. A hand catches the impact of a mighty blow, but the Odomar Viking Leather Half Gauntlets takes the brunt, allowing the warrior to concentrate on victory.

Sigfrid Leather Demi Gauntlets

Item # MY100692
Many unforgettable adventures await the warrior that includes the Sigfrid Leather Demi Gauntlets in their defense. Whether you battle within a LARP realm steeped in myth or one inspired by history, entrust your forearms to this pair.

Single Leather Gauntlet

Item # MCI-2742
Gauntlets do not just come in steel and other varieties of metal, especially not when leather can be just as protective and desirable. A Single Leather Gauntlet is the accessory to get when creating a look that is all your own.

Sulla Leather Gauntlets

Item # MY100202
A raging foe charges toward you. You grip your sword steadily and set a firm foothold. Their weapon clips your hand, but you calmly fend off the attack. Your hands remain unscathed, safely shielded by the Sulla Leather Gauntlets.

Warriors Leather Half Gauntlets

Item # DK5300
A warrior should always protect his or her hands. These Warriors Leather Half Gauntlets are made from 13/15 oz. leather and are designed to fit SCA standards. That makes them a great way to defend your hands when you go into battle!