Leather Armour Packages & Sets

If you're looking for a complete suit of leather body armour and you've found your way here, to Medieval Armour, then you've found the right place. Here, you'll find a number of great leather armour sets, which are not only perfect for keeping you protected behind layers of intimidating leather armour, but are also great for making you look like a true warrior. Each of these leather armour sets contains virtually everything you need to put together a protected look fit for any warrior, whether he was medieval or fantasy. Some of these leather armour packages, like our Dark Elven package and our King package, also include tunics and other garments, which help to complete the total image that the armour package helps to create! Other suits of leather armour contain all the distinctive pieces that typically go into suit of armour, only made entirely of leather! This mean that some sets contain the pauldrons, cuirass, vembraces, and greaves you need to transform yourself into a leather armoured warrior fit for action! Some suits of leather armour found here are suited more for LARP and for reenactments, while others can be ordered in a heavier weight that allows them to be used in SCA events. If you think that putting together your own entire suit of leather armour is too much hassle, then check out this Leather Armour Packages and Leather Armour Sets section of Medieval Armour, where you'll find that we've taken most of the hassle out of putting together your full suit of leather body armour. All you have to do is find the one you like most, fill in whatever holes it might have (if any), and you're done.

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Dark Armor

Item # RT-104
The shadowy warrior is one to fear, as much for their prowess as for their appearance. In this suit of Dark Armor, intimidating will barely describe your look. With its impressive design, this armor will leave your foes in awe.

Dark Elven Leather Armour Package

Item # MCI-2700
Emerge from the tunnels of the underdark, and join your fellow drow in combat against the children of the sun with the Dark Elven Leather Armour Package. This set includes the cuirass, pauldrons, a right hand gauntlet, and a tunic.

Dark Lord's Armor

Item # RT-138
Spikes and intimidation are two things that this suit of armor offers in spades. The Dark Lords Armor is crafted in quality 9-10 oz. leather. This dark armor offers a stellar look for any warrior to feature.

Dark Sorceress Fantasy Armour Set

Item # DK7016
Radiate an aura of unparalleled magical might with the enchanting appeal of the Dark Sorceress Fantasy Armour Set. This armour is perfect for LARPing ladies who wish to display the resplendent spellweaving skills of their character.

Hooded Woodland Bolero Jacket with Pauldrons

Item # DK7014
Accentuate your combat attire with the arborescent mystique of the Hooded Woodland Bolero Jacket with Pauldrons, which features pauldrons resembling tree bark and an exquisite green leather hood with ornate nature themed adornments.

King Tunic & Armour Package

Item # MCI-2701
For LARP, Re-enactments or Ren Fairs, our King Tunic and Armour set is a great start or addition to your wardrobe. This set includes the body armour and the kingly long tunic and cape. This regal ensemble provides a truly distinctive and royal look.

Leather Samurai Full Armour Set

Item # RT-230
Samurai are renowned for their code of honor and their exquisite armour designs. Embodying this unique styling, the Leather Samurai Full Armour Set is the perfect attire for any LARPer seeking to assume this honorable role.

Necromancer's Armor

Item # RT-132
Necromancers are wielders of unearthly powers, controlling the energies of death to raise the dead and force them to serve. And in this Necromancers Armor, you will look just like one of these fearsome and dangerous warriors.

Odomar Viking Leather Armour Package

Item # RT-243
The harvest has come and gone, we must allow the bountiful fields to rest. Foreign lands beckon us with unclaimed riches. The Odomar Viking Leather Armour Package ensures a strong defense while raiding the seaports of our foes.

Ork Armour Set - Rust Patina

Item # MCI-3356
Only the defeat of your enemies will bring honor to your clan and if taking rusted armour off the bodies of defeated humans helps you do so, that is fine by you. The Ork Armour Set - Rust Patina is perfect for any savage orc fighter!

Paladin's Armor

Item # RT-156
In fantasy, a paladin is a hero and a knight who fights for virtue and justice, although the term originally went to a notable warrior under King Charlemagne. As it stands, this Paladins armor would be fit for these powerful figures.

Praetorian Leather Battle Armor Set

Item # RT-207
Clad in the Leather Praetorian Battle Armor Set, you will look the part of a ranked warrior and soldier of Ancient Rome. The armor is crafted for both protection and flexibility, and it will serve the warrior that wears it well indeed.