Roman Shields

Even more-so than the Greeks before them, the Romans factored the use of their shields, also called scutum, into their military tactics quite heavily. And at Medieval Armour, we offer a number of traditional Roman shields, so much so that even an ancient Roman warrior would have come to us if he were looking for a good, sturdy shield to carry into battle. Originally, 'scutum' means shield in Latin, although over time the word became most often associated with the rectangular Roman shields and oval Roman shields that are used and favored by the Roman Legion and all its soldiers. Classic Roman shields were rarely plain and thus ours are rarely plain, often featuring bold designs that, once upon a time, would have historically referenced which branch of the Legion a soldier might have fought in. The Roman Legion was not the only group of Romans who used shields, however. Gladiators often found themselves using them as well, and so round arena shields were often common-place, especially when it came to fights in the gladiatorial pits. Roman shields tended to be made of both metal and wood and so we carry shields of both types, although metal shields were commonly used more by gladiators, while Roman wooden shields were carried by soldiers and legionaries. If you fancy yourself as a Roman soldier or legionary, then there's only one place to go to arm and armor yourself, especially when it comes to your functional Roman shield, and that place is Medieval Armour.
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Blank Roman Scutum Shield

Item # AH-3853NP
Among the Roman fighting forces, no shield was as preferred as the traditional scutum, and for good reason. It offered superior defensive capabilities. With this Blank Roman Scutum Shield, you can take the time to create your very own.

Dura Europos 3rd Century Legionary Scutum

Item # AH-6718L
So named because the original shield was found in the same-named ruins, the Dura Europos 3rd Century Legionary Scutum is a recreation of a legionary shield that was originally found at the Roman outpost of Dura Europos, in Syria.

Early Wooden Roman Lion Face Shield

Item # WS-97
The Early Wooden Roman Lion Face Shield takes the shape of a traditional roman shield, or scutum. This shield was designed with use and decoration in mind. Thus, the shield is not only attractive but also rugged and functional.

Linen Covered Roman Wooden Shield

Item # AH-3853L
Every soldier in the Roman army was expected to carry a shield. Like the Spartans before, the Romans tactics utilized shield-wall formations, creating impenetrable barriers made up of these iconic Linen Covered Roman Wooden Shields.

Praetorian Cavalry Wooden Shield

Item # AH-6710
Even a mounted soldier could benefit from a shield, although riding a horse did limit the style of shield available. This Praetorian Cavalry Wooden Shield provides protection, while its shape makes it effective for use on horseback.

Republican Scutum

Item # AH-3877
This Republican Scutum is a piece of equipment that no self-respecting Roman soldier would ever be without. This shield is large, and features a design reminiscent of Roman soldiers thanks to its red and yellow color scheme.

Roman Arena Wooden Shield

Item # AH-3992W
Carrying a shield like this Roman Arena Wooden Shield, the Roman soldiers utilized superior tactics to decimate their enemies, oftentimes forming a near-impenetrable shield-wall, just like the ferocious Spartans that came before them.

Roman Cavalier Shield

Item # AH-3998W
There are two types of shields that are associated with Roman legionaries. Of the two, this oval-shaped Roman Cavalier Shield was favored and used by some of Rome's finest warriors when they rode into battle on horseback.

Roman Centurion Shield

Item # AH-6711
There are two types of shields that are almost universally associated with Roman legionaries. Of the two, this oval-shaped Roman Centurion Shield was favored and used by most centurions and praetorians during most conflicts and battles.

Roman Infantry Scutum

Item # AH-3997W
There are two types of shields that are almost universally associated with Roman legionaries. Of the two, this oval-shaped Roman Infantry Scutum was favored and used by the foot soldiers of Rome during the years of the Roman Empire.

Roman Laurel Scutum

Item # AH-6127
The symbol of the Roman laurel combines with the Roman scutum, a symbol of military might, to form an impressive display to show to your enemies. The message delivered by this Roman Laurel Scutum is unmistakably one of victory.

Roman Legion Scutum

Item # NP-V-80701
Roman legionaries utilized shield-wall formations in battle. Shields like this Roman Legion Scutum allowed them to create almost impenetrable barriers. These shields evolved from circular shapes in order to offer more protection.