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Leather Thigh Armour

At Medieval Armour, we don't just offer a few pieces of protection. No, we pride ourselves on offering as much protective gear as we can. And that means that we're happy to offer you leather thigh armour and leather tassets, along with a number of other examples of fine leather armour that is designed to protect any warrior's thigh and upper leg. During the medieval times, tassets were typically worn to protect the thigh and waist from a downward blow, while the cuisse (which is French for 'thighs') was worn under the tassets and other armours to protect the wearer from upward-striking blows. We offer a selection of leather thigh armour that is designed to protect against one, the other, or both. Some of the leg armour featured here protects only the thighs and upper legs, although a few pieces do provide more coverage for the lower leg, too. Much of our medieval thigh armour is made from high quality 13/15 oz. armor-grade leather, ensuring that it will stand strong through the best of battle. Incidentally, this also makes almost everything you see here in this category a great SCA cuisse, as well as a fantastic LARP cuisse or great reenactment armour in general. Not only have you found functional armour, but you've also found functional leather thigh armour here at Medieval Armour. And when you wear leather tassets and leather cuisse, you push yourself one step closer towards becoming a heavily armoured warrior just like those figures from history.
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Albrecht Tassets

Item # MY100248
The Albrecht Tassets are a great addition to any set of light combat armour, medieval outfit, or LARP ensemble. Made of high-quality leather and suede, these tassets are adjustable for a versatile and comfortable fit.

Antonius Leather Tassets

Item # MY100855
An adventurer knows that armour is important when traveling. The Antonius Leather Tassets will protect the upper thighs from bandits or highwaymen. You can add a bit of historical detail to an outfit for a convention or LARP event.

Berengar Ring Armour Tassets

Item # MY100258
A fierce addition to any LARP wardrobe, the Berengar Ring Armour Tassets feature a suede body and leather strips attached by rivets in a grid pattern throughout. Steel rings at the crossing of each strip complete the intense look.

Blackened Dragomir Armour Belt

Item # MY101058
When taking on an opposing army, a soldier needs to have protection from enemy blows. Protect your thighs with this Blackened Dragomir Armour Belt. It looks fantastic at your next faire, roleplaying battle, or cosplay convention.

Blackened Ortwin Tassets

Item # MY101084
While you may remember to protect your torso from attack, it is equally important to protect your thighs as well. Wear the Blackened Ortwin Tassets. They make a fantastic addition to any suit of armour for LARPing and cosplaying.

Blackened Rikomer Armour Belt

Item # MY101072
When going on any quest or adventure, proper armour is very important. Protect your thighs from any blow by wearing the Blackened Rikomer Armour Belt. It looks fantastic at your next faire, roleplaying battle, or cosplay convention.

Celtic Mantikor Leather Tassets

Item # MY100417
Trustworthy armour is always necessary when adventuring through a LARP kingdom, especially when it comes to guarding your limbs. Reinforce the style and defense of your roleplay character by adding the Celtic Mantikor Leather Tassets.

Dark Lord's Tassets

Item # RT-140
A good tasset belt does more than protect your legs. Consider these Dark Lords Tassets. Not only are they an effective pair of upper leg protectors, but their spiked look also serves to make any warrior look that much more intimidating.

Dark Sorceress Tasset Belt

Item # DK5256
Delve into the realm of fantasy as you assume the role of a spellweaving mage or pious priestess in your LARP battles, by wearing the Dark Sorceress Tasset Belt. This armour displays a mystical air to help exude your desired persona.

Fighter 1/2 Leather Leg Armour

Item # DK5232
Your knees are a vitally important part of your body, especially in battle. Cripple your opponent at the knees and you take away mobility. If you do not want this to be you, protect your knees with our Fighter Leather Leg Armour.

Gawain Tassets

Item # MY101020
A warrior defending their kingdom knows to wear as much armour as they can. In battle, they protect their thighs with armour like the Gawain Tassets. This armour is wonderful for LARP events, cosplay conventions, and fantasy battles.

Kendra Ladies Tassets

Item # MY101017
A warrior queen has little to fear when she is protected by as much armour as possible. She even wears thigh armour like the Kendra Ladies Tassets. They are a wonderful addition to a costume for a fantasy convention or LARP event.