DIY Leather Armour Pieces

If you have been thinking of making your own leather armour or embellishing the leather armour you already have, browse through our selection of DIY leather armour pieces. Our leather armour pieces here are intended for creating your own leather armour or for adding on to existing armour, such as for providing extra detail or for repair purposes. We offer leather lamellae plates that are ideal for creating your own leather lamellar plate armour. For all our do-it-yourself leather armour pieces, this is the place to shop. Be sure to keep checking back as we add new pieces whenever they become available.
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Black Leather Lace - 45-50 Inches

Item # HW-700975
Leather lacing has near limitless use. This Black Leather Lace has a long length, over 45 inches, making it a very useful component to have on hand for medieval and fantasy LARP, reenactment, and other costuming activities.

Brass Medusa Adornment

Item # HW-700796
The myth of Medusa was well known to the soldiers of Ancient Greece. Bring her terrifying power to your ensemble with this Brass Medusa Adornment. It is great for decorating pieces of armour for LARP events, cosplay, and reenactments.

Brown Leather Lace - 20-25 Inches

Item # HW-701280
Brown Leather Lace has endless utility, making it an essential for costuming, LARP, reenactment and crafting. This leather cord is between 20 and 25 inches long. Secure armour in place, replacing existing laces, or use it for DIY.

Brown Leather Lace - 25-30 Inches

Item # HW-701011
Great leather cord is important to have on hand, especially when customizing your armour. This Brown Leather Lace coming in 25 to 30 inches is ideal. It works great for DIY projects for reenactments, faires, or fantasy events.

Brown Leather Lace - 35-40 Inches

Item # HW-701281
Secure armour, clothing, and accessories in place with this Brown Leather Lace, or use it for DIY and repair. Versatile and sturdy, this thin, brown leather cord has a multitude of uses and is between 35 and 40 inches long.

Brown Leather Lace - 45-50 Inches

Item # HW-700974
There is no end to the usefulness of leather lace. This Brown Leather Lace has a long length, over 45 inches, and is great for adding unique detail to your clothing, armour, and accessories, as well as for DIY endeavors and repairs.

Fiebing's Aussie Leather Conditioner

Item # WL-50-1975
For a leather conditioner that can withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures, use the Fiebing's Aussie Leather Conditioner on your leather gear. This leather conditioner is great for those serious about caring for leather gear.

Fiebing's Bag Kote

Item # WL-50-1925
When creating a custom piece of leather gear, you may desire a satin finish. Use Fiebing's Bag Kote to produce a lustrous finish on your DIY project. This leather topcoat is especially useful for DIYers, roleplayers, and reenactors.

Fiebing's Pro Leather Dye

Item # WL-50-2035
If you enjoy creating your own custom leather gear, then the Fiebing's Pro Leather Dye will help you to customize the color of your leather piece. This high-quality dye is wonderful for DIYers, historical reenactors, and roleplayers.

Fiebing's Pro Leather Dye - 4 oz

Item # WL-50-2030
When you create your own leather gear and accessories, you may want to choose their color. Use the 4 oz Fiebing's Pro Leather Dye for your project. This high-quality dye is wonderful for DIYers, historical reenactors, and roleplayers.

Foam Brushes - 12 Pack

Item # WL-50-1952
No matter what kind of DIY project you have, it is always a good idea to have various tools on hand. Keep the 12 Pack of Foam Brushes within reach. These brushes are especially useful for dyeing or painting a piece of leather.

Gold Quality Leather Grease

Item # MY101097
Your leather armour, boots, and shoes require care and maintenance to last for a while. Take care of your gear with this Gold Quality Leather Grease. This grease works great for the reenactor, LARPer, or historical enthusiast.