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Armaduras Medievales

Based in Toledo, Spain, Armaduras Medievales produces some of the finest display shields, historical sword replicas, and medieval decor around. Their replica swords and shields reproduce many historical and fantasy designs from popular figures like El Cid, Charlemagne, William Wallace, and others. In addition, they also craft highly detailed medieval knight replicas, sword letter openers, decorative armour, and sword wall plaques that help to turn your home or office into a medieval landscape. We are pleased to make the many fine Armaduras Medievales curios just a click away from becoming yours.

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Crusaders Shield

Item # AA858
The Crusader shield has a Crusader cross in the middle of the shield and six Fleur De Lis on the outer edge. This beautiful Crusader shield is fabricated in steel and features a variety of bronze-steel embossing and enamel finishes.

Templar Shield

Item # AA854
This beautifully decorated Templar shield is fabricated in steel and features bronzed-steel embossing and baked-enamel finishes. They are equipped with chain hangers and brackets for attaching one or two swords to the back of the shield.
$189.00 $112.91