Chainmail Arm and Leg Armour

While covering the critical areas of the head and torso when fighting remains important, make sure you do not neglect the rest of your body! Our Chainmail Arm and Leg Armour offers a number of excellent chainmail armour pieces that provide increased protection to your limbs. Crafted in a number of styles and from various materials like steel and titanium, the chainmail skirts, chainmail voiders, and chainmail chausses that we carry cover these vital areas to keep you in fighting shape. You can find dome riveted chainmail, wedge riveted chainmail, flattened chainmail, butted chainmail, and other construction styles to find the perfect level of utility and authentic appearance for your needs. When you want to dress as a knight for weapons re-enactments or the Ren Faire, you can find the right medieval chainmail here at Medieval Armour!

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Richard Darkened Chainmail Skirt

Item # MY100236
The playful and peaceful spirit of the courts is a delightful contrast to the raging battlefield. A hard-earned victory calls for merriment. Let the villagers praise the proud soldier draped in the Richard Darkened Chainmail Skirt.