Crusader Shields

The crusades were a series of military campaigns launched by Medieval Europeans to retake and hold the holy land, which is to say Jerusalem. Out of this military action came a number of fabled knightly orders, as well as noteworthy designs that, today, are instantly recognizable as symbols of the crusaders, the warriors who fought for their faith. At Medieval Armour, we offer a number of equally iconic crusader shields and knight shields, many of which bare an association with a number of the famed knightly orders that were born during the crusades. And like the shields of the age, we offer both steel shields and wood shields, all of which make for an ideal knights shield. We offer Templar shields, which recreate, in various designs, the classic white and red cross shield that is, even today, associated with the famous Knights Templar. We have Hospitaller shields, which depict the black and white cross shields carried by these knightly priests. We even offer Teutonic shields, in honor of the Teutonic knights who aided pilgrims while fighting during the crusades! Some of our crusade shields are functional shields, being completely battle-ready, in that they're made to withstand and shrug off strikes and blows while keeping their wielder safe and secure. Virtually all of them, though, are impressive display pieces, ensuring that even if you don't wield it in combat, you'll want to carry it around or at least hang it on your wall as a decorative shield. There's no disputing that the crusader shields offered by Medieval Armour are impressive, and they're bound to inspire whether you carry them into battle or hang them on your wall.
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Templar Steel Battle Shield

Item # S144
The Templar steel battle shield measures 18 inches across and 24 inches high. This SCA shield is constructed of 16 gauge steel and has a curved shape which represents a classic heater medieval style shield.

Wooden Crusader Lion Shield

Item # AH-3890
In the medieval days, it was a common enough sight to see a knights heraldry emblazoned on his shield. This Wooden Crusader Lion Shield features a red rampant lion as the main charge, set against a bright field.