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Dragon Forge Leather

To find many pieces of high-quality leather for your LARP outfit, historical reenactment, theatrical performance, or daily wear, be sure to check out the leather products available from Dragon Forge Leather. We carry a number of these leather items, including leather armour such as leather bracers, leather greaves, leather cuirasses, leather helmets and more. Many of our pieces of medieval armour are crafted from 13-15 oz. armour grade leather for protection. Additionally, we offer a mix of leather accessories like leather belts, leather waist cinchers, leather bottle holders, leather frogs, leather quivers, leather pouches, and many others! All these pieces help to create an authentic period look to your reenactment, though many of them are stylish enough to work with your modern apparel, too. Take a moment to browse through this section, and you will find many excellent leather pieces to choose from.

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Dark Sorceress Leather Jacket

Item # DK7015
Exquisitely designed to emanate magical prowess, the Dark Sorceress Leather Jacket is a magnificent piece of LARP attire which is crafted to augment the appearance of those in spell casting roles with its spellbinding style.

Dark Sorceress Tasset Belt

Item # DK5256
Delve into the realm of fantasy as you assume the role of a spellweaving mage or pious priestess in your LARP battles, by wearing the Dark Sorceress Tasset Belt. This armour displays a mystical air to help exude your desired persona.

Dead Man's Arm Bracers

Item # DK6025
Our Dead Mans Arm Bracers will be a fine addition to any cut throat pirates gear. You have gotta protect those arms, so why not do it in style? The bracers have steel speed lacers which make lacing them up a cinch.

Deluxe Celtic Leather Arm Bracers

Item # DK6013
The Deluxe Celtic Bracer has armor grade protection and a variety of accent colors to choose from. The Deluxe Celtic Bracer will provide arm protection during that re-enactment fight and is classic bracer with a Celtic charm.

Deluxe Hero Bracers

Item # DK6062
Sometimes, when darkness overcomes the light, a hero must rise to fight back the darkness. These Deluxe Hero Bracers are a sign of a true hero, featuring all the detailing of a true heros shield, symbolically worn on a their arms.

Direwolf Bracers

Item # DK6060
There is no better way to strike fear in the heart of your enemies then to strike with the power of a great wolf, and when you wear these Direwolf Bracers, your opponents will feel like wolves are coming for them with every strike.

Distressed Leather Arm Bracers

Item # DK6095
You, mighty warrior, have proven your worth in battle. Your leather armour shows the scars of warfare, just like these Distressed Leather Arm Bracers. These bracers look fantastic for LARP battles, cosplay events, and reenactments.

Double Direwolf Wrist Cuffs

Item # DK6067
Imagine finding yourself face to face with not one, but two direwolves, their silver coats glistening in the light. While the actual beasts would be quite ferocious, these Double Direwolf Wrist Cuffs are a bit tamer, at least in part.

Dragon Fighter Arm Bracers

Item # DK6037
Our Dragon Fighter Arm Bracers offer an awesome fantasy design that are sure to be a highlight of any outfit. The shape of the bracer is similar to scales found on dragons, while a two tone color option creates an intimidating look.

Dragon King Arm Bracers

Item # DK6022
These three dimensional bracers will definitely make a statement and add a sense of darkness to your look. There are three rows of sharp looking dragon scales with the center row scales being slightly larger than the outside rows.

Dragon King Greaves

Item # DK5208
The spiky scales of a dragon are sure to make a statement as a part of your armored appearance. These Dragon King Greaves are made entirely from leather that is three-dimensionally shaped to resemble the iconic dragon scale.

Dragon Rider Leather Armour

Item # DK5024
Step into a role just as cunning and mighty as dragons of legend when you wear the Dragon Rider Leather Armour. This handcrafted leather cuirass has dragon-inspired details throughout, including an attached hood and spaulders.