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Female Leather Armour

Throughout history, women have joined men upon the field of battle, showing their skill in the arts of war. At Medieval Armour, we aim to offer a wide selection of high quality leather armour tailored to the female form. Our inventory of female armour includes womens leather breastplates, womens leather skirts, womens leather bracers, womens leather greaves, and so much more. Ideal for LARPing, theatrical performances, and Ren Faires, our womens leather armour offers the perfect combination of protection, light weight material, and comfort for your needs. Our womens armor can help you transform into a warrior of various styles, including medieval lady knights, Viking shield maidens and Valkyries, and fantasy rogues and sorceresses. Check back frequently to discover the latest arrivals in this category and add to your lady warrior look!
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Leather Rogue Corset

Item # MCI-3091
Add this excellent leather corset to your medieval wench or fantasy rogue ensemble for a stunning look. The Leather Rogue Corset is crafted from full-grain leather and heavy canvas to offer protection as well as style.
$208.00 $113.40

Margot Leather Underbust Corset

Item # MCI-3197
A vile warlord seeks to conquer our rich and peaceful lands. The warrior queen must put an end to this menace. The Margot Leather Underbust Corset encloses the royal waist with a solid defense while enhancing the noble stature.
$99.00 $54.00

Rogue Female Armour

Item # MCI-3082
Gender is no barrier for the warrior who wears this body armour. The Rogue Female Armour suits any lady, whether she is a defender of the right or a member of a bandit crew, offering protection for the upper torso.

Valkyrie Pauldrons

Item # RT-270
As a warrior woman from Norse myth, you know the importance of armour in battle. You guard yourself from enemy attacks with the Valkyrie Pauldrons. These leather spaulders make great additions to a Viking warrior maiden costume.

Valkyrie's Bracers

Item # RT-172
Even though little could harm a Valkyrie, they took it upon themselves to wear full armor wherever they went. The Valkyries Bracers are a pair of Norse-styled arm guards that are perfect for a Valkyrie or einherjar to wear into battle.

Valkyrie's Greaves

Item # RT-173
Despite being divine, Valkyries were not totally immune to harm, and so they wore armor to defend themselves from enemy attacks. These Valkyries Greaves feature a Norse design that would look great on a Valkyrie or her chosen warrior.

Woodland Bolero Jacket with Hood

Item # DK7012
Personify the beautiful appeal of nature with the Woodland Bolero Jacket with Hood, featuring a bolero style leather vest with a gorgeous full green hood attached which is made from supple forest green garment leather.

Woodland Tree Bark Corset

Item # DK7009
Natures beauty lies around for all to see, and now you can channel it as a part of your own ensemble, thanks to this Woodland Tree Bark Corset. Hand-crafted in quality leather, it reflects a strong, lovely look worthy of any fae.

Celtic Isolde Leather Bodice

Item # MY100412
Command both respect and style on the LARP battlefield with the Celtic Isolde Leather Bodice. This gorgeous piece of armour not only accentuates your waist, but also raises your defense during light combat and training.

Elven Swirl Arm Bracers

Item # DK6092
Embody the elegant side of medieval fantasy when you wear the Elven Swirl Arm Bracers. With a beautiful, swirling vine pattern embossed throughout, these handcrafted leather bracers comes in your choice of black or antiqued brown.

Valkyrie's Cuirass

Item # RT-168
In Norse myth, the Valkyrie was a divine maiden of battle, one of the women who served Odin by selecting warriors from the ranks of the dead. This Valkyries Corset possesses matching Norse style that is perfect for a warrior-woman.