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Noble Leather Bevor

Item # MCI-3506
Alarms call you to battle and you must prepare yourself. Protect your chin and neck from the approaching enemy forces with the Noble Leather Bevor. This leather bevor is an ideal armour piece for a LARP event or fantasy convention.

Noble Leather Couters

Item # MCI-3508
Young paladins must ensure that they wear as much armour as possible. Wear the Noble Leather Couters on your elbows to ensure better arm protection. Do not fear enemy attacks during a LARP battle or during historical reenactments.

Noble Leather Gorget

Item # MCI-3507
As a fierce warrior, you must protect your shoulders against possible enemy attacks. Use the Noble Leather Gorget to prepare yourself for battle. This leather gorget is an essential armour piece for any LARP event or reenactment.

Noble Leather Polyens

Item # MCI-3509
Knees can be a weak point against enemy attacks, especially attacks from skilled archers. Protect your knees in battle with the Noble Leather Polyens. These knee guards also cover part of the shins for better defense at a LARP event.

Noble's Leather Arm Bracers

Item # DK6057
This bracer is crafted from 7/8 oz. leather that has been cut to an appealing shape and studded with several rivets along the edge. The bracer also features sweeping points at the top and bottom that makes for a very attractive look.