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If you're planning on using your medieval or renaissance shield, then you can bet that you're going to want to get it from Medieval Armour's selection of functional shields and bucklers. These battle ready shields are ready to go, providing a secure and sturdy defense that will enable a warrior to deflect blows and defend himself (or herself) with ease. In essence, you'll find a few different eras of shields floating around here. We offer a number of Greek metal shields and functional Roman shields, many of which are emblazoned with various designs and symbols that pay homage to the Greek and Roman cultures. We also offer a staggering array of medieval shields, in a variety of types, ranging from the traditional knights shields like the heater shield and the kite shield, to the more common round shield, which has been in use since before the Greek era. We even offer renaissance shields and bucklers, for all those who seek a more refined and agile form of fighting! The best part about every one of these shields, from knight shield to Viking shield to buckler, is that each one is fully functional. That's right, these metal shields and wood shields are designed to take a beating and continue on, just like the shields of old! A good steel shield is a perfect re-enactment shield or SCA shield to carry into battle and protect yourself with! And even better, after you've won the day, you can hang up these functional shields for display, because nothing's better than being able to tell stories about the battles you won with your display pieces. If that sounds good to you, then take a moment to browse through Medieval Armour's functional shields. Chances are you'll find something that is sized just right and shaped to perfectly protect you, when you march into medieval combat.
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Wooden Shield - Small

Item # HW-701579
When crafting your medieval or fantasy character, you may desire to customize the look of your armour. Use the Small Wooden Shield in a DIY project. This wooden shield looks great at any Renaissance faire or historical reenactment.