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Leather Arm Bracers

A good pair of leather arm bracers is so much more than just a simple piece of arm protection. You'll find dozens of different leather bracers here at Medieval Armour, with some being distinctively medieval leather bracers while others are pure fantasy leather bracers, although all of our leather arm bracers are made from some of the highest quality materials possible. Almost all of our leather arm bracers and leather wrist bracers are sold as a pair, although there are a few unique circumstances that are sold individually, although these are noted in their individual descriptions. Of course, this section includes not only leather bracers but also all manner of other varieties of leather arm armour, ranging from leather vambraces to leather wrist cuffs. Our selection of leather bracers, vambracers, and wrist cuffs ranges greatly in style. We offer Celtic bracers, which feature classic knot designs and incredible dragon decorations, as well as offering knight bracers which are more simple and straight-forward, often being decorated with metal studs or symbols pertaining to royalty, gallantry, and ferocity in combat. Our leather wrist cuffs and leather wrist bracers are great for wearing when you hang out at the renaissance fair, while our bracers and vambraces are fantastic for use as both SCA bracers and LARP bracers. Please note, however, that SCA regulations do require 13/15 oz. armor grade leather, so use only that when attempting an SCA event. Some of the leather arm armour you'll find here at Medieval Armour is designed only for show, while others are designed for combat. They do share at least one thing in common, though, and that is that all look incredible.

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Double Direwolf Wrist Cuffs

Item # DK6067
Imagine finding yourself face to face with not one, but two direwolves, their silver coats glistening in the light. While the actual beasts would be quite ferocious, these Double Direwolf Wrist Cuffs are a bit tamer, at least in part.

Dragon Fighter Arm Bracers

Item # DK6037
Our Dragon Fighter Arm Bracers offer an awesome fantasy design that are sure to be a highlight of any outfit. The shape of the bracer is similar to scales found on dragons, while a two tone color option creates an intimidating look.

Dragon King Arm Bracers

Item # DK6022
These three dimensional bracers will definitely make a statement and add a sense of darkness to your look. There are three rows of sharp looking dragon scales with the center row scales being slightly larger than the outside rows.

Dragon Scale Arm Bracers

Item # DK6002
These bracers are a complement to the medieval or fantasy warriors outfit, the same as our Plain Medieval Bracers but with our dragon scale effect applied. These are made of 13/15 oz. armor grade leather and are offered in many colors.

Dragon Slayer Arm Bracers

Item # DK6035
These leather arm bracers offer an awesome fantasy design that are sure to be a highlight of any outfit. The shape of the bracer is similar to dragon scales. Perfect for light re-enactments, larping, theater, ren fairs, and costumes.

Dragon Slayer Vambraces

Item # DK6070
Not only will a good pair of bracers help to keep your arms defended but they can also enhance your personal style too. And nothing says awe-inspiring quite like these Dragon Slayer Vambraces and their incredible scaled detailing.

Dueling Dragons Leather Bracers

Item # DK6036
Our Dueling Dragons Arm Bracers are crafted from medium weight 7/8 oz. leather and are perfect for light re-enactments, larping, theater, and costumes. They feature an antique brass winged dragon concho on the lower leather segment.

Elven Leaf Wrist Bracers

Item # DK6053
In most mythos, elves typically find a certain harmony with nature. That their armour draws inspiration from the forest is not surprising. By emulating this, we have created our own take on elven armor, the Elven Leaf Wrist Bracers.

Elven Swirl Arm Bracers

Item # DK6092
Embody the elegant side of medieval fantasy when you wear the Elven Swirl Arm Bracers. With a beautiful, swirling vine pattern embossed throughout, these handcrafted leather bracers comes in your choice of black or antiqued brown.

Engraved Celtic Cross Bracers

Item # DK6048
Very little can compare to Celtic artwork. It usually features intricate knots that are nothing short of stunning. And on the Engraved Celtic Cross Bracers is a perfect example of a stunning piece, rendered into a Celtic cross.

Engraved Fleur de Lis Bracers

Item # DK6046
The Engraved Fleur de Lis Bracers proudly display one of the more popular symbols found in heraldry and still found across the globe today. This symbol of nobility was based off of the stylized appearance of the lily or the iris.

Erend Leather Bracers

Item # MY101247
Adventurers and rogues alike require armour in order to protect themselves from any enemy. Guard your arms from attack with the Erend Leather Bracers. These bracers look wonderful at a variety of LARP events or fantasy conventions.