Leather Gorgets

Like its metal cousins, a leather gorget is more than just a piece of armour. Of course, leather gorgets do provide an added level of defense to the collar, neck, shoulders, and chest, and that alone is a valuable feature. But a leather gorget can also act as a harness, allowing even more defenses to be added to a warrior's defense. Modeled after the traditional medieval gorget, these pieces of neck protection are worn in a fashion similar to a leather cowl, wrapping around the shoulders and sometimes the neck, providing an additional layer of leather protection. Virtually all of our leather gorgets are solid examples of neck armour and shoulder armour, having been made from quality, armour-grade leather that gives each one the weight and durability necessary to stand up against impact. Because of their strength, they make great SCA gorgets, especially for the warrior whose looking to wear medieval armour that's light in weight. And since they hold up so well under duress, they are fantastic LARP gorgets, too, adding a sense of realism and style to any LARP or LRP warrior's attire. If you're going for absolute realism or if you're just seeking absolute leather protection, you'll want to invest in one of Medieval Armour's leather gorgets, for both the protection it will provide as well as the look.
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Sigfrid Leather Gorget

Item # MY100418
With its stand-up collar and fleur-de-lis patterns, the Sigfrid Leather Gorget successfully blends a solid defense with style. Create a medieval warrior worthy of the LARP battlefield with this versatile piece as part of your armour.

Solomon Leather Gorget

Item # DK5404
A gorget serves many functions and traditionally, does any of the three following things. It serves as decoration, it supports additional pieces of armour, or it protects the neck. Our Solomon Leather Gorget can do all three.

Standard Leather Gorget

Item # DK5402
Our Standard Leather Gorget is crafted from heavy 13/15 oz. armor grade leather. This neck plate will provide protection to your collar bone and is also compatible with many pauldrons, so you can enhance your protection with ease.

Titus Gorget

Item # MY100869
Sometimes in battle you do not have a partner to save you. Protect your neck from enemy blows with the Titus Gorget at a LARP battle or stage fight. Customize your character for a variety of medieval, fantasy, and Renaissance events.