Leather Helmets

When a metal helmet is too heavy, a warrior should turn to a leather helmet to provide the protection you need with the mobility you desire. Each and every one of the leather helms featured here at Medieval Armour is a fantastic item that's crafted from the best quality leather, ensuring that each helmet is a piece of armor that's worthy of any warrior. And just like traditional steel helmets, these leather helmets come in a wide variety of styles. Unlike steel, though, with a leather helm, you don't have to worry about something like rust! We have fantasy leather helmets that are perfect for creating a distinctive and unique look for a warrior looking for something new and interesting, just like we have leather medieval helmets for a more traditional warrior that's looking for something that's historically accurate and lightweight. And if you're a warrior that's searching for something historic, then you're in luck, because we have leather Norman helmets, Greek leather helmets, fantasy styled leather helmets and so many more different styles! And since some of these helmets are made from hardened armor-grade leather, they can hold up well in combat, making them fantastic SCA leather helmets as well as great reenactment helmets in general! You can even wear them as a LARP leather helmet, if you're looking for the maximum level of protection possible! Just because you don't want to wear a metal helmet doesn't mean you're out of luck. All you have to do is check out the Leather Helmets section of Medieval Armour and you're sure to find just the leather helmet you need to keep your skull safe.

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Paladin's Helm

Item # RT-158
An experienced warrior and a noble, the paladin was no stranger to battle, and he or she understood that protecting oneself in battle was an important task. That is why no paladin would ride into battle without a Paladins Helm.

Praetorian Leather Crest Helm

Item # RT-204
The Praetorian Leather Crest Helm revives the Corinthian helmet that was popular during the Greek days and updates it with Roman styling and modern construction. The result is a helm befitting any Roman warrior or commander!

Valkyrie's Tiara

Item # RT-170
Divinity has its advantages, and as such, Valkyries were not typically worried about suffering any harm by mortal hands. Instead of helmets, Valkyries typically preferred ornate protectors like this elegant leather Valkyries Tiara.

Warriors Leather Helmet

Item # MCI-2731
Leather helmets are ideal for re-enactors, LARPers, and fair goers. They are lighter and more comfortable than steel, while still providing an authentic look and protection. This Warriors Leather Helmet is made from quality leather.

Woodland Leather Helmet

Item # RT-256
A ruthless battlemage with undead horde seeks to ensnare the kingdoms of this land. Warriors from every race must band together. The Woodland Leather Helmet belongs to the skilled Elven guardian whose loyalty lies with the forest.