Leather Pauldrons

Medieval pauldrons were worn by heavily armored warriors who wanted the utmost protection possible, armouring even their shoulders before riding into battle. And at Medieval Armour, we provide the means for modern-day warriors to do the same, by offering a wide assortment of leather shoulder armour and leather pauldrons for enhancing a warrior's defense. We offer a range of different leather pauldrons and leather spaulders, all of which are worn on the shoulder, either for reasons of added defense or just for reasons of personal style and taste. Our leather shoulder armour comes in a wide variety of styles and forms, ranging from classic examples of medieval pauldrons, like gladiator pauldrons, Milanese pauldrons, and simple molded pauldrons, to more fantasy-inspired pieces of leather arm armour like our elven pauldrons. All of the armour you'll find here is made from quality leather, making it great for use as LARP armour, and some pieces are made from sturdier, more durable armour-grade leather that makes some of these pieces great SCA pauldrons as well. Hitting the shoulders is remarkably easy in combat, so it's best to armour yourself accordingly, and at Medieval Armour, we offer all the leather shoulder armour and leather arm armour you could need to keep yourself medievally styled and perfectly protected with quality leather armour.

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Childrens Woodland Warrior Pauldrons

Item # DK4108
Protect your childs upper arms and shoulders by dressing them in these Childrens Woodland Warrior Pauldrons. Perfect for rangers, elves, and other nature inhabitants, these leather pauldrons add a rustic touch to any armored outfit.

Crisso Single Pauldron

Item # MY100859
The smart infantryman will protect their shoulders, especially when holding a shield. Protect your left shoulder with the Crisso Single Pauldron. It is ideal for adding a fantasy or historical touch to any LARP outfit or costume.

Dark Armor Pauldrons

Item # RT-284
A shadow warrior stalks by while the peasants sleep. Even then, his presence scares them. He looks truly impressive wearing the Dark Armor Pauldrons. Wear these imposing pauldrons into a LARP battle and terrify all of your enemies.

Dark Lord's Pauldrons with Besagew

Item # RT-266
You rule over a great kingdom of shadows. In any fierce battle, you ensure that you protect your shoulders with the Dark Lords Pauldrons with Besagew. Add them to your LARP armour and show your enemies the power of a dark lord.

Dragon Rider Spaulders

Item # DK5110
Riding a dragon is not for the faint of heart. Aerial combat requires flexible armour that will move with you through dives and turns. These Dragon Rider Spaulders display overlapping pointed lames reminiscent of dragon scales.

Elven Leaf Leather Pauldron Harness

Item # DK5107
Elves are famous for their love of nature. Leaves, vines, and other nature symbols show up in their arms and armor all the time. Our own Elven Leaf Leather Pauldron Harness is made in the spirit of nature and is perfect for any elf.

Elven Pauldrons

Item # DK5101
Our Elven Pauldrons have a great fantasy look to them. They are crafted from 13/15 oz. leather and are great for SCA and LARP. The top shoulder piece is molded so it fits comfortably and the bottom two pieces attach by straps and buckles.

Gawain Spaulders

Item # MY101021
When defending your kingdom, do not dare to forget about protecting your shoulders. Choose to add the Gawain Spaulders to your fierce battle ensemble. These leather pauldrons are wonderful for LARP events and fantasy conventions.

Gladiator Pauldron

Item # DK5102
Our leather Gladiator Pauldron is intentionally sold individually and not as a pair because Gladiators wore armor on the arm that was not using a sword. Pair this pauldron with any of our Roman armor for a great gladiator ensemble.

Gothic Molded Pauldrons

Item # DK5108
Arms make for inviting targets. If you cannot beat your opponent then just disarm him, making the fight childs play in the process. Do not risk limbs in battle. Protect your upper arms and shoulders with our Gothic Molded Pauldrons!

Hektor Spaulders

Item # MY101127
The enemy approaches. You stand tall, ready to defend the kingdom. No armour piece was forgotten. You protect yourself with the Hektor Spaulders. These spaulders work great for LARP events, cosplay conventions, and Renaissance faires.

Kendra Spaulders

Item # MY100864
A young warrior queen rules over her kingdom and protects it from attack. Ensure that you wear armour on your shoulders with the Kendra Spaulders. They are a wonderful addition to a costume for a fantasy convention or LARP event.