Steel Full Leg Armour

Even a warrior that values mobility in combat has to evaluate the danger of leaving one's legs unprotected in battle. All it would take is one luck strike before that mobility is gone. That's why, at Medieval Armour, we offer a wide assortment of steel full leg armour, because even if leg protection slows you down, it's worth it to have the added defense. Our steel leg armour comes in a variety of different styles and consists of a variety of different pieces, just like actual medieval armour did, centuries ago. Virtually all of our medieval leg armour consists of a cuisse or thigh armour of some kind, providing protection to the upper leg. Most also extend down over the knee, protecting this important joint, before ending along the lower leg. As well as our full leg armour, which covers the whole leg, we also offer 3/4 leg armour, which covers most of the legs and requires only an added set of functional greaves to provide complete and total leg protection. As they are made completely from steel, these sets of medieval leg armour are also fully functional armour, making them an ideal set of SCA leg armour or LARP leg armour, providing all the protection your legs need to shrug off a blow from a padded or heavy foam weapon, while also preventing serious injury from a blow dealt by a blunted sword or training blade. If you're not one-hundred percent sure that your legs won't come under attack (and really, how could you be?) then a good set of steel full leg armour from Medieval Armour is just preventative planning at its best.

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Medieval Steel Knee Armour

Item # HW-701075
Knights wore armour to protect as much of their body as they could. They would have approved of wearing the Medieval Steel Knee Armour into battle. Wear these knee guards to historical reenactments, LARP events, or conventions.

Medieval Steel Knees

Item # HW-700743
A blow to the knee can strike down even the best of warriors. Be prepared for whatever the enemy throws at you with the Medieval Steel Knees. These medieval poleyns also have winged guards that protect the outer sides of the leg.

Rogue Leg Protection - Epic Dark

Item # MCI-3543
You and your fellows sit in waiting for a weary traveler to come by so you can take their treasures. The Epic Dark Rogue Leg Protection protects you. These greaves are great for a variety of roleplaying events, including LARP battles.

Soldier Leg Protection - Epic Dark

Item # MCI-3706
No matter which banner you fight under, it is imperative that you protect your legs from attack. Wear the Epic Dark Soldier Leg Protection into battle. Add the leg guards to your knight outfit or mercenary costume for any LARP event.

Soldiers Leg Armor - Polished Steel

Item # MCI-3650
No matter if you fight in a great mystical army or a medieval militia, protect your legs from any attack with the Polished Steel Soldiers Leg Armor. Add this armour to your knight outfit or mercenary costume for any LARP event.

Steel Balthasar Full Leg Guards

Item # MY100089
Stay mobile on the battlefield by protecting your legs like the assets they are! The Steel Balthasar Full Leg Guards cover a generous portion of your upper thigh, knee, and part of the lower leg with steel plate armour.

Steel Elias Full Leg Guards

Item # MY100088
Make sure you stay on your feet on the battlefield by protecting your legs from blows and projectiles with top notch armour. The Steel Elias Full Leg Guards offer coverage from upper thigh to ankle without inhibiting your mobility.

Steel Gustav Full Leg Guards

Item # MY100093
Protect yourself during your next LARP battle with the Steel Gustav Full Leg Guards, which offer excellent coverage. These steel leg guards suit many different characters and work well for Renaissance fairs and re-enactments, as well.

Steel Markward Full Leg Guards

Item # MY100095
Simple yet effective armour for the thigh and knee, the Steel Markward Full Leg Guards offer excellent protection on the battlefield. The steel leg armour consists of eight pieces, a design which grants it great flexibility.

Warriors Steel Knee Guards

Item # AH-6025
When it comes to plate armor, even the joints are deserving of good protection. These Warriors Steel Knee Guards are a point of protection that allows you to move your leg and use your knee, while encasing it in a layer of steel.