Wooden Shields

Historically, wood shields were more common their metallic variants, if only because wood shields were easier to replace and easier to create. And here at Medieval Armour, we offer an impressive staggering array of wooden shields, all to offer any intrepid warrior the greatest selection possible, so that he or she can have the functional wooden shield of their dreams. Our selection of wooden medieval shields is truly awe-inspiring, spanning a variety of different styles and eras, so much so that any warrior, from almost any time-frame, could find exactly what they want here. A Norse warrior could find several wooden Viking shields here that will make his fellow berserkers go berserk with envy, while crusaders will find wooden knight shields and crusader shields here that will proudly show off their heraldries and crosses. Even older cultures will find wooden shields that suit their needs, including Greek shields with lambdas and mythic monsters, as well as classic Roman shields like the rectangular scutum. Some of our shields even depict symbols and heraldries of famous figures, like Richard the Lionheart and El Cid, to name a few. And because of their strength and level of construction, they all make for fantastic wooden practice shields, allowing them to shrug off blows like a proper medieval shield should. Designed for use and decorated for display, any of the wooden shields you find here at Medieval Armour would make for a fantastic practice wooden shield to use in training, as well as a great display shield to hang up in your home decor or office for a touch of that impressive medieval or historic style.
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Hospitaliers Knights Wooden Shield

Item # AG877
This ornate, full sized shield bears the Hospitaliers cross on the front. Crafted in Toledo, Spain, the shield is made of wood. The Hospitaliers shield is highly decorative on the front making this piece great for home decor.

Jerusalem Wooden Shield

Item # AG875
This ornate, full sized shield by Art Gladius bears the Jerusalem cross. Crafted in Toledo, Spain, the shield is made of wood. The Jerusalem shield is highly decorative on the front making this piece great for home decor.

Linen Covered Roman Wooden Shield

Item # AH-3853L
Every soldier in the Roman army was expected to carry a shield. Like the Spartans before, the Romans tactics utilized shield-wall formations, creating impenetrable barriers made up of these iconic Linen Covered Roman Wooden Shields.

Miniature Scottish Targe

Item # AH-4000
For those history buffs and cultural enthusiasts who want to celebrate some Scottish Highland style but have limited space, this Miniature Scottish Targe is a gift from above, one that recreates the Highland shield in miniature.

Red and White Leonine Heater Shield

Item # AH-3894
As armor became more robust, shields gradually got smaller. This Red and White Leonine Heater Shield is of a type that developed from the medieval kite shield in the 13th century, offering a small size for warriors to use.

Republican Scutum

Item # AH-3877
This Republican Scutum is a piece of equipment that no self-respecting Roman soldier would ever be without. This shield is large, and features a design reminiscent of Roman soldiers thanks to its red and yellow color scheme.

Richard the Lionheart Wooden Shield

Item # AG872
This ornate, full sized shield by Art Gladius bears the seal of King Richard the Lionhearted of England, mounted over the red cross of St. George. The Richard the Lionheart shield is decorative on the front making it great for decor.

Robert the Bruce Heater Shield

Item # AH-3894N
Get the Robert the Bruce Heater Shield to honor this King of the Scots. It pays homage to this renowned warrior and his fight against the English.

Round Dragon Knot Viking Shield

Item # AH-4374
Many Norse warriors attempted to emulate the qualities of ferocious beasts, either by berserking or by adopting their images. This Round Dragon Knot Viking Shield is one such attempt to harness the power of the legendary dragon.

Round Horse Warrior Viking Shield

Item # AH-4370
Norse culture gave rise to some of the greatest warriors of an age, and this Round Horse Warrior Viking Shield shows a bit of the nuance to their culture, depicting an animal that was revered by Norsemen and Vikings through the years.

Round Wooden Viking Shield

Item # 801108
Our Round Viking Shield is made from solid wood which has been prestained a dark brown. The center features a steel boss with decorative steel strips as well as a complete steel rim which helps protect the edge of the shield.

Scottish Culloden Targe

Item # AH-PRH303
The Scottish Culloden Targe, as a restored recreation, is based on a historical piece that was captured during the Battle of Culloden in 1746, during the Jacobite Rising, and has since been kept in the Museum of Royal Armouries.