Chainmail Coifs

There probably isn't a warrior in history who didn't understand the importance of one's head in battle. And because the head is important, at Medieval Armour, we offer a number of historic pieces of chainmail armour, ranging from chainmail coifs to chainmail hoods and more, all to ensure that your head is protected in a true medieval fashion. We offer a wide range of chainmail coifs, many made from 10mm chainmail and many made to standards that enable them to provide more than adequate protection when it comes to their function as functional medieval armour. Like any piece of chainmail, our chainmail hoods and coifs can come in different styles, ranging between round ring chainmail to flat ring chainmail, to riveted chainmail, to the more common butted chainmail. The only similarity between all the styles we offer is that each one is steel chainmail, to ensure its authenticity and its effectiveness in battle. Even our pieces of blackened chainmail are steel, ensuring that they are as effective as they are intimidating! Whether you're wearing it for show or for protection, any time you march into battle, it's always a good idea to have on a good piece of chainmail head armour, and the best place to find such a piece is right here, at Medieval Armour.
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Richard Chainmail Mantle

Item # MY100239
Keep the holy relic from wicked hands. The devout crusader remembers well the final request of the priest. The Richard Chainmail Mantle protectively adorns the medieval pilgrim, who follows a sacred path to a forgotten tomb.

Richard Darkened Chainmail Mantle

Item # MY100238
How dare those ruffians attack the village! The dauntless knight with trusted steed is in heroic pursuit. The stolen goods swiftly restored, the people praise the royal soldier clad in the Richard Darkened Chainmail Mantle.

Richard Oiled Chainmail Coif

Item # MY100651
Head protection is a vital component of any good armoured outfit, so strengthen your defense with the Richard Oiled Chainmail Coif. This steel chainmail hood protects the head, neck, and shoulders while leaving the face unobstructed.

Richard Riveted Blackened Chainmail Coif

Item # MY100653
For a sinister soldier such as yourself, only blackened armour will do. The Richard Riveted Blackened Chainmail Coif has been chemically treated to create its distinct darkened color and protect its riveted steel rings from rust.

Richard Riveted Oiled Chainmail Coif

Item # MY100654
For your most knightly warrior looks, be sure to accentuate your armoured outfit with the Richard Riveted Oiled Chainmail Coif. Made out of riveted rings of steel, this medieval chainmail hood covers the head, neck, and shoulders.

Richard Riveted Steel Chainmail Coif

Item # MY100652
Do not head to battle without the proper head protection! The Richard Riveted Steel Chainmail Coif, covering the head, neck and shoulders in rings of steel, is an essential armour piece for any medieval knight or fantasy warrior.

Richard Steel Chainmail Coif

Item # MY100649
Bolster your armoured look with the Richard Steel Chainmail Coif. This steel chainmail hood covers the head, neck, and shoulders. Wear it on its own over an arming cap, or wear it underneath a helmet for an extra level of protection.

Riveted Aluminum Chainmail Coif

Item # 300150
Perfect for reenactors or performers who need authentic looks but do not need the weight, the Riveted Aluminum Chainmail Coif is light enough for all day wear and adds authenticity to all manner of historical or fantasy knightly looks.

Riveted Aluminum Chainmail Coif

Item # AB3928
This coif is crafted in riveted aluminum mail dome rings with grey anodizing. The internal diameter of the rings are 10mm. Our aluminum coif is ideal for the non-contact role-player, as it presents an authentic appearance.
$102.00 $97.00

Riveted Dark Aluminum Chainmail Coif

Item # 300478
Nothing works better than chainmail for achieving the look of a medieval knight, ready for battle. The Riveted Dark Aluminum Chainmail Coif offers a light weight option for LARP events or historical festivals.

Riveted Flat Steel Chainmail Coif

Item # ED9329
Each incredible chainmail coif is painstakingly created by hand using 7/16 inch inner diameter rings. You can marvel the originals or get your own fantastic creation. This Riveted Flat Chainmail Coif is wearable and very historical.

Round Ring Butted Chainmail Coif

Item # AB2562
Powerful knights in the medieval world require great protection from their enemies. Make sure that you wear this Round Ring Butted Chainmail Coif. This 16 gauge steel coif is great for historical reenactments and Renaissance faires.