Chainmail Coifs

There probably isn't a warrior in history who didn't understand the importance of one's head in battle. And because the head is important, at Medieval Armour, we offer a number of historic pieces of chainmail armour, ranging from chainmail coifs to chainmail hoods and more, all to ensure that your head is protected in a true medieval fashion. We offer a wide range of chainmail coifs, many made from 10mm chainmail and many made to standards that enable them to provide more than adequate protection when it comes to their function as functional medieval armour. Like any piece of chainmail, our chainmail hoods and coifs can come in different styles, ranging between round ring chainmail to flat ring chainmail, to riveted chainmail, to the more common butted chainmail. The only similarity between all the styles we offer is that each one is steel chainmail, to ensure its authenticity and its effectiveness in battle. Even our pieces of blackened chainmail are steel, ensuring that they are as effective as they are intimidating! Whether you're wearing it for show or for protection, any time you march into battle, it's always a good idea to have on a good piece of chainmail head armour, and the best place to find such a piece is right here, at Medieval Armour.
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Chainmail Coif

Item # 300188
No matter if you wish to become a Viking, a medieval knight, a fantasy warrior, or another character, don the Chainmail Coif. This piece of chainmail armour is great for historical reenactments, faires, and LARP battles.

Childrens Butted Chainmail Coif

Item # HW-700601-S
When learning how to defeat dragons and defend a kingdom, children need armour as well. Have your little one wear the Childrens Butted Chainmail Coif. The coif is wonderful for medieval events like Renaissance faires and reenactments.

Count Grade Mail Aventail

Item # AB2661
An aventail, also known as camail, covers the throat, neck, and shoulders of a warrior with a curtain of chainmail connected to a helmet. The Count Grade Mail Aventail fits around the base on a helmet by a leather band.

European Flat Ring Chainmail Coif - Wedge Riveted

Item # AB2550
You, brave soldier, stand guard ready to defend your kingdom from any attack. You wear this fantastic Wedge Riveted European Flat Ring Chainmail Coif. This 17 gauge steel coif is great for light reenactments and roleplaying events.

Flat Ring Round Riveted Chainmail Coif

Item # HW-700603
Give your head a layer of protection with the Flat Ring Round Riveted Chainmail Coif. This medieval coif is made of 18 gauge steel rings woven in a traditional 4-in-1 pattern, and it covers the head and neck down to the shoulders.

Flat Ring Wedge Rivet Chainmail Coif

Item # HW-700604
Armour up your ensemble with the Flat Ring Wedge Rivet Chainmail Coif. Be sure to give your head and neck a layer of protection with this 18 gauge steel chainmail hood. The flat rings of this medieval coif are wedge riveted together.

Flat Ring Wedge Rivet Chainmail Mantle

Item # HW-700620
The Flat Ring Wedge Rivet Chainmail Mantle is ideal for adding protection to your upper chest and shoulder area. Made of 18 gauge steel, each flat ring is wedge riveted together for strength and woven in a traditional 4-in-1 pattern.

Full Mantle Chainmail Coif

Item # AB2555
Sometimes protecting your torso and your core is not enough. Sometimes, you need to keep your head, neck, and collar safe too, and for those times, turn to this Full Mantle Chainmail Coif to keep your head safe and sound against harm.
$123.00 $102.00

Imperial Chainmail Mantle

Item # MCI-3089

Protecting your neck and shoulders is one of the most important things medieval armour can do. The Imperial Chainmail Mantle does just that, encircling your neck with top-grain leather that connects to a wide circle of mail.


Knight Grade Mail Aventail

Item # AB2666
Serving as a curtain of chainmail around the throat, neck, and shoulders, an aventail or camail connects to the helmet of a warrior. The Knight Grade Chainmail Aventail attaches to the base of a helmet with a leather band.

Premium Medieval Chainmail Coif

Item # HW-700994-L
Protect your head from the enemy when fighting in battle. Add the Premium Medieval Chainmail Coif to your ensemble to guard your head from any foe. Wear it with your knight, rogue, or Viking costume for cosplay events or LARP battles.

Richard Blackened Chainmail Coif

Item # MY100650
Called upon to defend your realm, you place the Richard Blackened Chainmail Coif over your padded arming cap and prepare for the battle of your life. This steel chainmail coif has been chemically treated to achieve its darkened look.