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Female Leather Armour

Throughout history, women have joined men upon the field of battle, showing their skill in the arts of war. At Medieval Armour, we aim to offer a wide selection of high quality leather armour tailored to the female form. Our inventory of female armour includes womens leather breastplates, womens leather skirts, womens leather bracers, womens leather greaves, and so much more. Ideal for LARPing, theatrical performances, and Ren Faires, our womens leather armour offers the perfect combination of protection, light weight material, and comfort for your needs. Our womens armor can help you transform into a warrior of various styles, including medieval lady knights, Viking shield maidens and Valkyries, and fantasy rogues and sorceresses. Check back frequently to discover the latest arrivals in this category and add to your lady warrior look!
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Valkyrie's Cuirass

Item # RT-168
In Norse myth, the Valkyrie was a divine maiden of battle, one of the women who served Odin by selecting warriors from the ranks of the dead. This Valkyries Corset possesses matching Norse style that is perfect for a warrior-woman.