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Leather Arm Bracers

A good pair of leather arm bracers is so much more than just a simple piece of arm protection. You'll find dozens of different leather bracers here at Medieval Armour, with some being distinctively medieval leather bracers while others are pure fantasy leather bracers, although all of our leather arm bracers are made from some of the highest quality materials possible. Almost all of our leather arm bracers and leather wrist bracers are sold as a pair, although there are a few unique circumstances that are sold individually, although these are noted in their individual descriptions. Of course, this section includes not only leather bracers but also all manner of other varieties of leather arm armour, ranging from leather vambraces to leather wrist cuffs. Our selection of leather bracers, vambracers, and wrist cuffs ranges greatly in style. We offer Celtic bracers, which feature classic knot designs and incredible dragon decorations, as well as offering knight bracers which are more simple and straight-forward, often being decorated with metal studs or symbols pertaining to royalty, gallantry, and ferocity in combat. Our leather wrist cuffs and leather wrist bracers are great for wearing when you hang out at the renaissance fair, while our bracers and vambraces are fantastic for use as both SCA bracers and LARP bracers. Please note, however, that SCA regulations do require 13/15 oz. armor grade leather, so use only that when attempting an SCA event. Some of the leather arm armour you'll find here at Medieval Armour is designed only for show, while others are designed for combat. They do share at least one thing in common, though, and that is that all look incredible.

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Quintus Leather Bracers - Premium Version

Item # MY100799
When clashing swords with an enemy, the arms are particularly vulnerable to attack. Protect them with the Quintus Leather Bracers to ensure victory. A well-prepared foot soldier can wear these at a faire, LARP event, or convention.

Quintus Leather Bracers - Standard Version

Item # MY100836
Protect your arms against the enemy, use the Standard Version of the Quintus Leather Bracers to shield your arms and part of your hand when fighting. The soldier or warrior adds a historical and practical element with these bracers.

Rampant Lion Leather Arm Bracers

Item # DK6098
For centuries, many royals have associated with the image of the lion. Add some nobility to your armour with the Rampant Lion Leather Arm Bracers. These bracers are fantastic for LARP battles, cosplay, and theater productions.

Rampant Lion Leather Bracers

Item # DK6052
Nothing is quite as kingly as a lion, a comparison likely drawn because the lion is the so-called king of beasts. In the Rampant Lion Leather Bracers, you not only feel like a king, but a king fit to go into battle and show his claws.

Rasmus Bracers

Item # MY101296
All who see you know that you are a fearsome and highly skilled warrior. You practice often and protect your arms from attack with the Rasmus Bracers. They are great for roleplaying events like LARP battles and cosplay conventions.

Regal Lions Leather Arm Bracers

Item # DK6050
The lion makes for an ideal symbol of royalty because the lion is the king of beasts. On the Regal Lions Leather Arm Bracers, the lion has never looked kinglier. With these bracers, you can wear this long-standing symbol of royalty.

Reginald Leather Arm Bracers

Item # DK6042
The Reginald Leather Arm Bracers are bracers cut for a warrior. These hand-crafted bracers feature a distinctive shape and form that, when worn, creates a sleek, streamlined look that is as attractive as it is effective.

RFB Fighter Leather Bracers

Item # MCI-3172
Inspired by brigandine armour from the 15th century, these fancy leather bracers are lighter without the metal plates that would have been riveted into the armour. These RFB Fighter Bracers are designed to protect the forearms.

RFB Knights Battle Arm Bracers

Item # MCI-2164
These Knights Battle Bracers are made of soft, chrome-tanned leather and have a suede backing so they are very comfortable to wear. They feature antique brass rivets and grommets, with lace up closure.

RFB Viking Leather Bracers

Item # MCI-3194
The chieftain calls forth our warriors. A rich port to the West has caught his eye. A swift longship waits for us upon the shore. Be equipped with your best weaponry and armour. Reinforce your forearms with the RFB Viking Bracers.

Robert Bracers

Item # MY100336
The Robert Bracers offer a unique take on leather armour. Thick strips of suede are woven together in a square pattern to make up the body of these bracers, secured in place with metal rivets, making them both comfortable and fierce.

Scaled Leaf Arm Bracers

Item # DK6059
Our Scaled Leaf Arm Bracers feature a three dimensional design, with leather leaves that are riveted to a base bracer. The leaves will definitely make a statement and add a fantasy or woodsy feel to your overall look.