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Leather Arm Bracers

A good pair of leather arm bracers is so much more than just a simple piece of arm protection. You'll find dozens of different leather bracers here at Medieval Armour, with some being distinctively medieval leather bracers while others are pure fantasy leather bracers, although all of our leather arm bracers are made from some of the highest quality materials possible. Almost all of our leather arm bracers and leather wrist bracers are sold as a pair, although there are a few unique circumstances that are sold individually, although these are noted in their individual descriptions. Of course, this section includes not only leather bracers but also all manner of other varieties of leather arm armour, ranging from leather vambraces to leather wrist cuffs. Our selection of leather bracers, vambracers, and wrist cuffs ranges greatly in style. We offer Celtic bracers, which feature classic knot designs and incredible dragon decorations, as well as offering knight bracers which are more simple and straight-forward, often being decorated with metal studs or symbols pertaining to royalty, gallantry, and ferocity in combat. Our leather wrist cuffs and leather wrist bracers are great for wearing when you hang out at the renaissance fair, while our bracers and vambraces are fantastic for use as both SCA bracers and LARP bracers. Please note, however, that SCA regulations do require 13/15 oz. armor grade leather, so use only that when attempting an SCA event. Some of the leather arm armour you'll find here at Medieval Armour is designed only for show, while others are designed for combat. They do share at least one thing in common, though, and that is that all look incredible.

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Shield Arm Bracers with Daggers

Item # DK6056
The best defense is a good offense says an old adage, and the Shield Arm Bracers with Daggers take this phrase to heart. Bracers usually only provide a modicum of defense, but the addition of daggers turns them into an offense.

Shinobi Leather Knife Bracer

Item # RT-187
There is no denying that having a knife handy can never be a bad thing. When you need it, it is best to have one within easy reach. This Shinobi Leather Knife Bracer allows you to keep a trio of knives close at hand, literally!

Simon Leather Bracers

Item # MY100770
Before you go charging into battle, it is important to be sure that you have covered all parts of the body in armour, including the wrists and forearms. Few pieces of armour are as sure and sturdy as the Simon Leather Bracers.

Simple Leather Wrist Bracer - Black

Item # HW-701043
Toughen up your medieval or fantasy look with the Simple Leather Wrist Bracer in Black. This leather arm guard has an unadorned, adjustable style that is easy to wear with nearly any outfit, adding both extra defense and style.

Simple Leather Wrist Bracer - Brown

Item # HW-700978
The Simple Leather Wrist Bracer is a straightforward way to protect your wrist or add a rugged touch of warrior style to historical or fantasy looks. This brown leather bracer is easy to wear and adjusts with lacing at the back.

Simple Steampunk Bracer

Item # DK6091
Be ready for whatever the steampunk world has in store when you add the Simple Steampunk Bracer to your outfit. This handmade leather bracer features unique screwhead rivets along its cuffs for an extra touch of industrial style.

Spiked Leather Bracers

Item # DK6039
Prickly is just one word that comes to mind to describe the Spiked Leather Bracers. And it is not hard to see why, as the word aptly describes them, thanks to the dozen or more metal spike-studs that dominate the surface of this bracer.

Squires Leather Bracers

Item # MCI-2167
The Squires Leather Bracers are ideal for LARP use and even Theater productions or plays. They are made from segments of leather that are sewn and laced together. The bracers are backed with a soft suede for comfort when wearing.

Squire's Leather Demi-Gauntlets

Item # DK6083
Designed for protection and flexibility, the Squires Leather Gauntlets guard your forearms and hands from harm. A flexible piece of suede connects the hand guard to the arm bracer, allowing for uninhibited use of your hand and wrist.

Steampunk Leather Arm Bracer with Octopus and Gears

Item # DK6073
If you are in the market for a truly distinctive accessory, then look no further than this Steampunk Leather Arm Bracer with Octopus and Gears. From the engraved detailing to the gold-colored accents, this bracer is one of a kind.

Steampunk Octopus Wrist Cuff

Item # DK6080
Are you looking for a subtle way to show your steampunk style? This Steampunk Octopus Wrist Cuff fits like a watch, yet with its incredibly engraved design, easily shows off your love and interest in all things that are steampunk.

Studded Brown Leather Arm Bracers

Item # ED8327
These studded arm bracers will provide you protection during that LARP Event or complete your outfit for the Medieval Faire. The studded arm bracers lace at back for snug fit. These brown leather arm bracers are 10 inches long.