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Leather Body Armour

When you're looking to protect yourself with a combination of fancy footwork and armour, then you should definitely consider wearing leather body armour. Leather armour is lighter and more flexible than metal, giving the wearer that much more room to work with. And when you decide to wear leather armour, you can find the leather cuirass you need here at Medieval Armour. We offer a number of different styles of leather armour, all to suit a wide assortment of different tastes. For the traditional warrior, we offer leather medieval armour that is simple, straight-forward, and to the point. And for the discerning warrior who wants something a bit more unique, we also offer leather fantasy armour that will create the costume look. We even offer Roman lorica segmenta in all leather, as well as classic Roman muscle armour in leather, ensuring that if you want a Grecian or a Roman look in leather, you can have that, too! Several pieces of our leather body armour works quite well as SCA armour, as it is made from armor-grade leather that's designed to take punishment quite well. And even if you're not fighting, a good leather cuirass or leather harness is just the way to create a number of impressive looks, ranging from historical warriors like centurions and roman legionaries to fantasy fighters like rangers and elves. And if you're looking for even more protection, nothing complements a leather medieval cuirass quite like a chainmail hauberk. And you can find both and much more in the way of great leather armour, here at Medieval Armour.

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Gawain Cuirass

Item # MY101019
A warrior steps forth, ready to protect his kingdom and its people. With the Gawain Cuirass guarding his torso, he has little to fear from the enemy. This armour is wonderful for LARP events, cosplay conventions, and fantasy battles.

Greek Leather Cuirass

Item # HW-700180
When you march on the Persians, you want them to see you and feel fear. What better way to intimidate them than by wearing an armour that displays your physical prowess? For any hopeful hoplite, the Greek Leather Cuirass is just the thing.

Greek Leather Muscle Armour

Item # AH-6071L
The muscle cuirass, known also as the heroic cuirass for its statuesque look, often features what the Greeks considered to be physical perfection. The Greek Leather Muscle Armour is a perfect example of this favored cuirass.

Greek Muscle Cuirass

Item # HW-700181
If you hope to command the armies of Sparta, you need armour that distinguishes you from the rest and commands the respect of your forces. The Greek Muscle Cuirass is just the thing, its design offering both regality and protection.

Hektor Leather Scale Armour

Item # MY101038
Many warriors fear your prowess in battle. The enemy immediately spots you with your grand appearance while wearing this Hektor Leather Scale Armour. It looks great as a part of any fantasy costume for a LARP or cosplay event.

Hooded Woodland Bolero Jacket with Pauldrons

Item # DK7014
Accentuate your combat attire with the arborescent mystique of the Hooded Woodland Bolero Jacket with Pauldrons, which features pauldrons resembling tree bark and an exquisite green leather hood with ornate nature themed adornments.

Kendra Ladies Cuirass

Item # MY101018
In the heat of battle, you stand tall, ready to take on any attack. The Kendra Ladies Cuirass guards your torso from the enemy while you march forth. It is a wonderful addition to an outfit for a fantasy convention or LARP event.

Kids Felix Leather Armour

Item # MY100501
The Kids Felix Leather Armour assists young LARP adventurers in avoiding injuries when on an important quest. This medieval cuirass not only raises their defense on the battlefield, but also creates the right look for their role.

Kids Tobi Leather Cuirass

Item # MY100552
When completing a noble LARP quest, injuries can slow the young warrior down. The Kids Tobi Leather Cuirass not only raises their defense on the battleground, but also creates the right look for both historical and fantasy roles.

Knightly Leather Armour

Item # DK5012
Enjoy protection without sacrificing mobility and agility in your next battle with the amazing design of the Knightly Leather Armour, featuring medium weight leather in a plated style for superb flexibility without forfeiting defense.

Knight's Torso Armor with Gorget

Item # RT-269
When attempting a quest or embarking on a grand adventure, you must be ready for whatever comes your way. Wear the Knights Torso Armor with Gorget to protect yourself. This cuirass makes a great addition to a LARP or cosplay costume.

Leather Coat of Plates

Item # DK5018
More flexible than plate and lighter than chainmail, this Leather Coat of Plates is an excellent choice for men at arms, squires, and skirmishers. This leather armour is great for LARP combat or can be layered for more protection.