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Leather Body Armour

When you're looking to protect yourself with a combination of fancy footwork and armour, then you should definitely consider wearing leather body armour. Leather armour is lighter and more flexible than metal, giving the wearer that much more room to work with. And when you decide to wear leather armour, you can find the leather cuirass you need here at Medieval Armour. We offer a number of different styles of leather armour, all to suit a wide assortment of different tastes. For the traditional warrior, we offer leather medieval armour that is simple, straight-forward, and to the point. And for the discerning warrior who wants something a bit more unique, we also offer leather fantasy armour that will create the costume look. We even offer Roman lorica segmenta in all leather, as well as classic Roman muscle armour in leather, ensuring that if you want a Grecian or a Roman look in leather, you can have that, too! Several pieces of our leather body armour works quite well as SCA armour, as it is made from armor-grade leather that's designed to take punishment quite well. And even if you're not fighting, a good leather cuirass or leather harness is just the way to create a number of impressive looks, ranging from historical warriors like centurions and roman legionaries to fantasy fighters like rangers and elves. And if you're looking for even more protection, nothing complements a leather medieval cuirass quite like a chainmail hauberk. And you can find both and much more in the way of great leather armour, here at Medieval Armour.

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Leather Lorica Segmentata - 13/15 oz.

Item # DK5004-1
Our leather Lorica Segmenta gives you the chance to own Roman armor without the weight, and at a great price. Our Lorica Segmentata is made from medium weight 13/15 oz. (SCA Grade) leather and is available in black or brown.

Leather Lorica Segmentata - 7/8 oz.

Item # DK5004
Our leather Lorica Segmenta gives you the chance to own Roman armor without the weight, and at a great price. Our Lorica Segmentata is made from medium weight 7/8 oz. (LARP Grade) leather and is available in black or brown.

Leather Rogue Corset

Item # MCI-3091
Add this excellent leather corset to your medieval wench or fantasy rogue ensemble for a stunning look. The Leather Rogue Corset is crafted from full-grain leather and heavy canvas to offer protection as well as style.

Leather Royal Muscle Armour

Item # AH-6071LR
The Greeks, and later the Romans, often idealized physical perfection, and nothing shows this as clearly as the Leather Royal Muscle Armour. This cuirass depicts a sculpted male torso in black leather, while featuring steel ornamentation.

Leather Samurai Cuirass

Item # RT-226
In an extraordinary replication of samurai armor, the Leather Samurai Cuirass features a plated design which offers supreme flexibility. This is exceptional armor for those who LARP and desire embodying a role of an eastern warrior.

Leather War Vest

Item # RT-215
Heavy armor no longer suits the taste of every warrior on the battlefield, some soldiers preferring light pieces that do not limit their range of motion. The Leather War Vest provides protective coverage and allows comfortable motion.

Margot Leather Underbust Corset

Item # MCI-3197
A vile warlord seeks to conquer our rich and peaceful lands. The warrior queen must put an end to this menace. The Margot Leather Underbust Corset encloses the royal waist with a solid defense while enhancing the noble stature.

Mercenary Leather Cuirass

Item # RT-238
An opportunity has come to show forth your great skill. A new venture beckons you with the promise of riches and high esteem. The Mercenary Leather Cuirass shall prove a capable defense when battling your way to a great reward.

Militiaman Cuirass

Item # RT-274
Even though you have joined this ragtag group, you still make sure that you wear high-quality armour like the Militiaman Cuirass into any battle. This leather cuirass makes a great addition to a LARP ensemble or cosplay costume.

Necromancer's Cuirass

Item # RT-265
The shadows stretch out before you as you raise an army of the undead. Even with your army, you protect your torso with the Necromancers Cuirass. Add this leather body armour to your LARP ensemble or Renaissance faire costume.

Odomar Viking Torso Armor

Item # RT-277
Odin has called the fiercest of Viking warriors to fight for him. You put on the Odomar Viking Torso Armor to protect you while you raid and pillage. Wear this imposing body armour into a LARP battle and terrify all of your enemies.

Praetorian Leather Cuirass

Item # RT-205
Flexible, fast, and protective, this Praetorian Leather Cuirass is the armor for a warrior who needs to stay mobile and light. Plus, its old-world Roman style and rich color makes it a great way for a warrior to show off style, too.