Steel Arm Armour

Throughout the ages, warriors have sought many ways to protect their arms in battle, and here at Medieval Armour, we have collected several of their various protections and their modern recreations, all so that we can offer them to the modern-day warrior who wants a set of steel arm armour that will both protect their arms and complete their historically styled image. Our arm armour comes in a variety of different shapes and styles, ranging from the typical arm armour that was used in suits of knights armour to the more common protections that a typical medieval soldier might have worn. Each and every piece of armour you'll find here is steel armour, featuring either plates of shaped steel or lengths of steel to provide the best protection possible for your arms. Because many of these arm guards are made from sturdy steel, they are fantastic sets of SCA arm armour, being capable of taking a hit from and defending against a typical training weapon, either blunted or padded. We offer our functional arm armour in a variety of different styles that were prevalent during the medieval era, ranging from the jack chains that the infantry and the foot soldiers typically wore to the different styles of plate armour that knights wore, ranging from gothic armour of German knights to the Milanese armour Churburg armour of Italian make. Many, if not all, of these sets of steel arm armour make a great complement to virtually any medieval armour breastplate or harness, allowing these pieces to be mixed and matched into a variety of different armour sets. If you're looking to not only protect your arms, but do so with reliable and effective knights armour, then you've come to the right place, because Medieval Armour has all the sets of steel arm armour that you could possibly need.
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Hourglass Demi Gauntlets

Item # MCI-3095
Wield your sword without hindrance by choosing the best pieces of plate armour for your style of fighting. The Hourglass Demi Gauntlets keeps your fingers nimble while protecting your wrist and the back of your hand.

Hourglass Gauntlets

Item # MCI-3225
Guard your hands in something a bit more regal than your standard gauntlet. The Hourglass Gauntlets, made of 19 gauge steel, are coated in colored leather and adorned with brass rivets for an impressive and unique look.
$248.00 $135.00

Imperial Floating Elbow - Epic Dark Finish

Item # MCI-3108
Experienced fighters know the importance of keeping your arms protected in battle. The Imperial Floating Elbow - Epic Dark Finish includes articulated steel armour that moves with your arm as you bend and flex your elbow.

Imperial Floating Elbows - Steel Finish

Item # MCI-3107
Experienced fighters know the importance of keeping your arms protected in battle. The Imperial Floating Elbows - Steel Finish includes articulated steel armour that moves with your arm as you bend and flex your elbow.

Knights Plated Arm Protection

Item # AH-4387
If you plan on putting together your own suit of armor, this Knights Plated Arm Protection is the way to go as far as keeping your arms safe. Not only does it offer defense, but it also opens a world of versatility for your armored look.

Lorica Segmentata Arm Attachment

Item # AH-3851A
A typical lorica segmentata, the armor favored by Roman soldiers, covered only the chest and shoulders. In order for a soldier to protect their arms as well, they would have to don the additional Lorica Segmentata Arm Attachment.

Medieval Infantry Arm Armour

Item # MH-A0770
The army awaits the enemy on the field of battle. You are calm and collected. You do not fear attacks by wearing the Medieval Infantry Arm Armour. This steel armour makes a wonderful addition to a historical reenactment outfit.

Milanese Arms

Item # AB0066
Made to protect the arms, this armor is designed to be used with the gauntlets AB0068 and is part of the Milanese Suit of Armour AB0063. These Steel arms were produced in Italy throughout the 15th century.

Milanese Couters - Epic Dark

Item # MCI-3698
When fighting a powerful enemy, you must ensure that all parts of your arms are guarded against attack. Wear the Epic Dark Milanese Couters into battle. Wear them to your next LARP event, cosplay convention, or stage production.

Polished Steel Bazuband

Item # MCI-3118
If demi-gaunts are not enough and gauntlets are too much, equip yourself with something in between! The Polished Steel Bazuband makes an effective and elegant compromise between freedom of movement and protection.

Ratio Elbow Armour

Item # MCI-3121
The Ratio Elbow Armour comes as a set of steel elbow cups, also called couters, that are designed to protect the elbow joints. These functional elbow cups are rounded with reinforced ridges and decorative steel rivets.
$109.00 $59.40

Rogue Arm Protection - Epic Dark

Item # MCI-3643
As you wait to steal a good haul, you see a small caravan approaching. Protect yourself from their defenses with the Epic Dark Rogue Arm Protection. Add these arm guards to your medieval rogue costume or fantasy mercenary outfit.