Steel Body Armour

The chest is, without a doubt, the largest target on a body going into battle. Luckily, if you shopped at Medieval Armour beforehand, you'll already have an edge in the form of steel body armour. Fully protected by the steel cuirass or harness of your choice, you can advance into the enemy ranks without fear, knowing that your torso is well-protected by layers of steel armour. We offer a wide selection of fully functional body armour that is designed to not only keep you safe, but replicate the look and feel of various historic and medieval classes of warriors, ranging from Roman soldiers to classic knights in their shining plate armour. Our steel body armour comes in different shapes and forms, ranging from a typical steel breastplate or steel cuirass to the much-needed steel backplate, which when worn together wraps your torso in a complete layer of steel (or steel and leather, depending on the backplate chosen). Being made from steel, this is battle ready armour, making it perfect as both LARP armour (live action roleplay) and as SCA body armour. This steel armour comes in various different styles, ranging from classic medieval armour fit for any soldier to the gothic armour of later medieval knights, down to the classic Roman lorica segmentas that were favored by soldiers in the Roman Legion. Fully functional and incredibly detailed, the steel body armour you'll find here at Medieval Armour is just the protection you need when you're planning to walk onto the field of battle, whether you're doing so for a stated production, a grand LARP battle, or even a reenactment with live or blunted blades!
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Darkened Churburg Breastplate

Item # MCI-3230
Handmade and welded for maximum durability, the Darkened Churburg Breastplate will serve you well in the tumultuous battles to come. Oxidation resistant coating gives this 19 gauge mild steel armour piece its unique darkened look.
$268.00 $145.80

Dragomir Cuirass

Item # MY101061
You walk through villages, ever vigilant for monsters and evil creatures. You wear the Dragomir Cuirass to protect you from a surprise attack by them. The cuirass looks fantastic at your next faire, LARP battle, or cosplay convention.

Edward Darkened Cuirass

Item # MY100220
You face each other once again in a battle between good and evil. Your nemesis challenges you in a duel that requires all your evil skill. Be well armored in the fierce style and strong defense of the Edward Darkened Cuirass.

Edward Steel Cuirass

Item # MY100219
Heed the call! Rise up and armour yourself with swiftness. The neighboring kingdom has broken the truce and invaded our border. Ready yourself for battle and cover your torso in the solid protection of the Edward Steel Cuirass.

Epic Dark Milanese Armour

Item # MCI-3176
Returning from your scouting patrol, the torches sputter in the pre-dawn fog. You check in with the officer on duty before cleaning your Epic Dark Milanese Armour, thankful for the blackened finish that did not reveal your position.

European Breastplate

Item # AB0089
The European Breastplate is one of the most essential parts of a suit of armor. It protects most of the bodies vital organs. In fact, breastplates are so important, they were used all the way into World War I.

Galahad Steel Cuirass

Item # MY100612
With the Galahad Steel Cuirass upon your torso, you stand proud, brave, and well protected despite the panic of war as you defend the realm. This handcrafted steel cuirass is ideal for knights of fantasy and historical inspiration.

German Knight Steel Breastplate

Item # HW-700951
Hail brave knight, the king calls you forth to commend your courage. The German Knight Steel Breastplate gleams before the assembly as you walk forward. Add this steel torso armour to your medieval ensemble, especially for a reenactment.

Gilt Cross Knights Cuirass

Item # AH-3891
The ornate and rich looking style of this Gilt Cross Knights Cuirass ensures both personal protection and an impressive presence, so that both enemy and ally take notice of you on the battlefield.

Gothic Cuirass with Tassets

Item # MCI-2510
Surprisingly, armour can be pleasing to the eye and still be defensive. Take, for example, the Gothic Cuirass with Tassets, which provides impressive protection for the torso and thighs while featuring an attractive, 12th century style.

Kaspar Blackened Cuirass

Item # MY100640
Whether you ride forth on a sinister errand or a noble mission to save the kingdom, the Kaspar Blackened Cuirass will protect you on your adventure. The back plate of this cuirass is uniquely articulated, allowing its wearer to sit.

Kaspar Steel Cuirass

Item # MY100639
Inspired by the armour of 16th and 17th century mounted soldiers, the Kaspar Steel Cuirass lets wearers sit down while protected by its chest plate and back plate. This handcrafted Renaissance cuirass is made from high-quality steel.