Steel Body Armour

The chest is, without a doubt, the largest target on a body going into battle. Luckily, if you shopped at Medieval Armour beforehand, you'll already have an edge in the form of steel body armour. Fully protected by the steel cuirass or harness of your choice, you can advance into the enemy ranks without fear, knowing that your torso is well-protected by layers of steel armour. We offer a wide selection of fully functional body armour that is designed to not only keep you safe, but replicate the look and feel of various historic and medieval classes of warriors, ranging from Roman soldiers to classic knights in their shining plate armour. Our steel body armour comes in different shapes and forms, ranging from a typical steel breastplate or steel cuirass to the much-needed steel backplate, which when worn together wraps your torso in a complete layer of steel (or steel and leather, depending on the backplate chosen). Being made from steel, this is battle ready armour, making it perfect as both LARP armour (live action roleplay) and as SCA body armour. This steel armour comes in various different styles, ranging from classic medieval armour fit for any soldier to the gothic armour of later medieval knights, down to the classic Roman lorica segmentas that were favored by soldiers in the Roman Legion. Fully functional and incredibly detailed, the steel body armour you'll find here at Medieval Armour is just the protection you need when you're planning to walk onto the field of battle, whether you're doing so for a stated production, a grand LARP battle, or even a reenactment with live or blunted blades!
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Blackened Balthasar Backplate

Item # MY101308
You, cunning warrior, know the value and importance of protecting your back in battle. Be sure to look at the Blackened Balthasar Backplate. This steel backplate makes a great addition to your LARP outfit or cosplay ensemble.

Blackened Balthasar Breastplate

Item # MY101307
Warrior when you head into battle, you should make sure to protect your chest from attack. Check out the Blackened Balthasar Breastplate. This chest plate makes a great addition to any warriors ensemble for a LARP or cosplay event.

Blackened Dragomir Cuirass

Item # MY101062
Whether you wish to become a fearsome, evil warrior or simply love a dark aesthetic, consider adding the Blackened Dragomir Cuirass to your ensemble. It looks fantastic at your next faire, roleplaying battle, or cosplay convention.

Blackened Fafnir Brigandine

Item # MY100035
The Blackened Fafnir Brigandine is made with comfort in mind, constructed from metal plates that have been riveted on a backing of padded suede. The body armour can be put on swiftly so you are ready to fight in a matter of minutes.

Blackened Georg Breastplate

Item # MY100736
A dark knight is doomed to spend their life on the run from the kings bounty hunters, so they need armour that not only protects them, but also tells their story of scorn and revenge. The Blackened Georg Breastplate does just that!

Blackened Gustav Breastplate

Item # MY100395
A fantastic armour piece to add to your next medieval or LARP look, the Blackened Gustav Breastplate is a plate armour piece featuring a versatile design along with a stylish blackened steel finish sure to suit a variety of looks.

Blackened Lucas Breastplate

Item # MY100315
Specially designed for younger fans of historical reenactment, the Blackened Lucas Breastplate features a smaller size. Made of 16 gauge blackened steel, this protective chest plate is secured in the back with two adjustable straps.

Blackened Markward Cuirass

Item # MY100045
Displaying excellent craftsmanship, the Blackened Markward Cuirass consists of a breastplate and backplate connected with leather straps. Rivets add detail to the front and back, matching the dark metal finish of the plate armour.

Blackened Mina Chest Armour

Item # MY100041
Tailored to the female form, the Blackened Mina Chest Armour offers a great look for shieldmaidens, lady knights, and warrior princesses. The steel armour features a dark metal finish and decorative rivets along the edges.

Blackened Ortwin Cuirass

Item # MY101086
Those warriors looking for armour with a darker look should check out the Blackened Ortwin Cuirass. It adds an impressive touch to your ensemble. It looks fantastic at any medieval faire, roleplaying battle, or cosplay convention.

Blackened Rikomer Cuirass

Item # MY101076
Dark warriors and evil soldiers require armour that matches their affiliations. They should wear armour like this awesome Blackened Rikomer Cuirass. It looks fantastic at your next faire, roleplaying battle, or cosplay convention.

Blackened Vladimir Cuirass

Item # MY100047
Protect the core of your body when you head into battle with the help of excellent plate armour like the Blackened Vladimir Cuirass! The steel cuirass is composed of multiple flexible segments showing a dark metal finish.