Steel Gauntlets

For total hand protection, you need a pair of steel gauntlets from Medieval Armour. With these metal mitts, your hands will be almost impervious...and yet, because many of our medieval gauntlets are articulated, you'll also retain most (if not all) of your dexterity, allowing you to continue wielding your weapon with all the skill of a trained fighter. A good pair of steel gauntlets will take you far, while providing a classic touch of medieval armour that belongs on any medieval warrior or knight. Here, you'll find several sets of knight's gauntlets, some in gleaming steel, others embossed for detail, and others still blackened for intimidating effect. All of metal mitts featured here are articulated gauntlets, which ensure that whether they're actual mitten-style hands or fingered, you'll retain the use of your hand when you wear them. Each set is fully functional and makes for great SCA gauntlets, providing more than adequate hand protection when worn that's capable of turning away glancing blows with ease. For that reason, these pieces of medieval armour are also as effective as LARP armour as they are as reenactment armour. At Medieval Armour, you can find just the steel gauntlets that you need, whether you're looking for Italian Milanese gauntlets, classic knight's gauntlets, or even German gothic gauntlets.
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Blackened Markward Gauntlets

Item # MY100319
Perfectly suited for all manner of dark warlords, the Blackened Markward Gauntlets offer great hand and wrist protection. Featuring integrated cuffs, these 16 gauge steel gauntlets are made of six pieces for full wrist rotation.

Blackened Markward Short Gauntlets

Item # MY100321
The Blackened Markward Short Gauntlets are the perfect finishing touch to any dark LARP outfit or medieval inspired armour ensemble. The gauntlets are made of 16 gauge blackened steel and feature a six piece construction.

Churberg Hourglass Gauntlets

Item # AH-6086G
It should come as no surprise that, in a medieval bout, people will be watching your hands. After all, your hands are wielding your weapon. These Churberg Hourglass Gauntlets are an effective defender that adds detail to your hands.

Churburg Gauntlets

Item # AB0077
These gauntlets are some of the finest available and are made to complement the Armour of Churburg (AB0072). The gauntlets are believed to have been made in Milan by armorers of the Missiglian family during the 14th century.
$154.00 $135.00

Gothic Fantasy Gauntlets

Item # DS-1705

Not all armor is made to complete the image of a knight in shining armor, and these Gothic Fantasy Gauntlets are proof of that. Rich in detail and design, these gauntlets echo the look of hand guards for the most nefarious of villains.


Gothic Gauntlets

Item # AH-6023
These Gothic Gauntlets are a product of German design, possessing a style that pairs them nicely with the gothic armor that the Holy Roman Empire was known for. Not only are they impressive to see, but they are also functional.

Hourglass Gauntlets

Item # HW-700542-16
In a swordfight, if you lose your hand, defeat is all but inevitable. That is why you must protect your hands at all costs. The Hourglass Gauntlets are essential for medieval combat and must-haves for creating armoured looks.

Knightly Medieval Gauntlets

Item # HW-700779
Give your hands the defense they need in battle by wearing the Knightly Medieval Gauntlets. These articulated armour gauntlets are made of 16 gauge steel, with its plates layered on top of the fingers of a brown leather glove base.

Medieval Gauntlets

Item # DS-1706

A good pair of gauntlets will serve any warrior well by not only keeping their hands protected, but by also enhancing their overall look. And these Medieval Gauntlets are some of the best that any warrior could ask for!


Mitten Gauntlets

Item # MH-A0921
These Mitten Gauntlets provide knights with the much needed protection their hands require during battle. Featuring classic medieval style, these gauntlets are made up of several riveted segments for dexterity of the wrists and hands.

Scout Gauntlets - Epic Dark

Item # MCI-3708
Warriors such as yourself know the importance of protecting your hands against attack in combat. That is why you wear the Epic Dark Scout Gauntlets. Wear these steel gauntlets for your next LARP battle or roleplaying occasion.

Scouts Gauntlets

Item # MCI-3499
Guard your hands while out defending the kingdom or adventuring. The Scouts Gauntlets provide both great mobility and protection, made of 19 gauge mild steel with a slightly thicker steel plate further defending the wrist joint.