Steel Gauntlets

For total hand protection, you need a pair of steel gauntlets from Medieval Armour. With these metal mitts, your hands will be almost impervious...and yet, because many of our medieval gauntlets are articulated, you'll also retain most (if not all) of your dexterity, allowing you to continue wielding your weapon with all the skill of a trained fighter. A good pair of steel gauntlets will take you far, while providing a classic touch of medieval armour that belongs on any medieval warrior or knight. Here, you'll find several sets of knight's gauntlets, some in gleaming steel, others embossed for detail, and others still blackened for intimidating effect. All of metal mitts featured here are articulated gauntlets, which ensure that whether they're actual mitten-style hands or fingered, you'll retain the use of your hand when you wear them. Each set is fully functional and makes for great SCA gauntlets, providing more than adequate hand protection when worn that's capable of turning away glancing blows with ease. For that reason, these pieces of medieval armour are also as effective as LARP armour as they are as reenactment armour. At Medieval Armour, you can find just the steel gauntlets that you need, whether you're looking for Italian Milanese gauntlets, classic knight's gauntlets, or even German gothic gauntlets.
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Steel Churburg Gauntlets

Item # MH-A0920
Stay protected during battle, even down to your fingertips, with the Steel Churburg Gauntlets. These short gauntlets are articulated, so each digit is covered with a series of metal plates connected to an hourglass style cuff.

Steel Gauntlets

Item # AH-6020
Virtually every piece of armor had some importance to a warrior, although the gauntlets had a special significance. After all, Steel Gauntlets are ideally suited for protecting the hands without limiting their range of movement.

Steel Half Gauntlets

Item # AH-6905
Not all medieval gauntlets were flexible and jointed. After all, joints were the weakest point of an armor. These Steel Half Gauntlets eliminate that weakness, and instead, feature solid construction that helps to keep your hands safe.

Steel Markward Gauntlets

Item # MY100091
The Steel Markward Gauntlets come in an elongated design with an integrated cuff that provides extra protection to the forearm of the wearer. The steel gauntlets display a bright metal finish that goes great with other steel armour.

Steel Markward Short Gauntlets

Item # MY100320
Offering unrestricted wrist movement, the Steel Markward Short Gauntlets are each constructed with six pieces of 16 gauge polished steel. Highly versatile in their style, wear these gauntlets with almost any other suit of armour.

16th Century Spanish Gauntlets by Marto

Item # MA-941S
These 16th Century Spanish Gauntlets by Marto are typical of Spanish armor. A defining feature of these gauntlets is the separate, articulated fingers, which protect as well as provide a wide range of movement.
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