Steel Thigh Armour

If you think that, after donning a cuirass, greaves, bracers, pauldrons, and a helmet, you're fully armoured, then think again! Your upper legs are still open to attack. Don't worry, though, because Medieval Armour offers the perfect remedy for that, in the form of our steel thigh armour, which can consists of cuisse, tassets, or even groin plates! Thigh armour comes in several different forms, although the most common form of thigh armour found here in this section is the tasset. This piece of functional leg armour consists of a waist belt that suspends overlapping armoured plates that defend the upper legs and waist from attack, providing a more than adequate level of upper leg protection. Thigh armor can also consist of other pieces of leg armour, though, including the cuisse, which is similar to greaves, but is instead worn on the upper leg and thigh. The steel tasset and the steel cuisse can even be combined, to provide protection from both downward attacks and the occasional upward strike from the ground! Being made from steel, this medieval armour is fully functional, which means it works wonders as a piece of SCA thigh armour, providing just the right level of defense that will help turn away stray blows and strikes from what could normally be a difficult area to defend. Because of that strength, these medieval cuisse armours and tasset belts are also fantastic LARP armours, making it much harder for a live action roleplay opponent to slip a blade past your steely defenses. Are you looking for leg protection but don't know where to start? Luckily, you've found the right place, as Medieval Armour has an assortment of steel thigh armour to work with, ranging from fitted steel cuisse to the ever-important and impressively defensive tasset belt.
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Milanese Leg Armour Upper Thighs

Item # AB0064
With Upper leg and knee protection with three buckled attachment points and outstanding articulation, these pieces of armour are for use with our AB0065 greaves, and a part of the Milanese Suit of Armour AB0063.

Rogue Tassets - Epic Dark

Item # MCI-3644
Crouching down behind a tree, you see a small caravan approaching. You prepare to attack it, knowing you are wearing the Epic Dark Rogue Tassets. This thigh armour makes a great addition to a variety of costumes and characters.

Scouts Belt Shields - Polished Steel

Item # MCI-3497
The Scouts Belt Shields in Polished Steel are perfect for adding extra protection to any armoured look. Each steel plate easily slides onto your own favorite belt, giving protection to your upper thigh without sacrificing mobility.

Soldiers Belt Shields

Item # MCI-3318
Whether you are marching off to battle or simply favor an armoured look for your LARP character, the Soldiers Belt Shields are a staple addition to any warriors outfit. These plate armour pieces attach to belts with wide leather straps.

Steel Adam Shield Tasset

Item # MY100488
The Steel Adam Shield Tasset offers protection to the thigh area while also serving as a great way to display your own herald. Like the rest of the armour in the Adam series, this belt shield displays corrugated detail along the rim.

Steel Balthasar Shield Tasset

Item # MY100367
Featuring a classic, triangular shape and decorative rivets, the Steel Balthasar Shield Tasset is a versatile addition to any LARP or medieval reenactment look. It can easily be attached to most belts via two sturdy leather loops.

Steel Galahad Shield Tasset

Item # MY100422
With its classic design, the Steel Galahad Shield Tasset matches a variety of armour pieces, allowing you to create a unique LARP character while strengthening your defense. Paint your own herald across its center for further customization.

Steel Georg Tassets

Item # MY100731
When you plan to adventure into dangerous lands, armour is a must, but your focus should not solely be on your head and torso. The Steel Georg Tassets are just what you need to protect your upper legs from the onslaughts of enemies.

Steel Gustav Shield Tasset

Item # MY100365
For extra protection and style, add the Steel Gustav Shield Tasset to your favorite LARP armour outfits. Made of 16 gauge steel, this belt tasset features a traditional triangle shape and two leather loops for easy attachment.

Steel Lucas Shield Tasset

Item # MY100532
The Steel Lucas Shield Tasset allows young warriors to display the herald of their clan, while lending protection to the upper leg. Make certain their defense is complete by combining this belt shield with rest of the Lucas armour.

Steel Markward Shield Tasset

Item # MY100369
Add extra protection to any historic outfit with the Steel Markward Shield Tasset. The sloped sides at the top of this 16 gauge steel armour piece add subtle elegance to its versatile design, easily paired with most LARP looks.

Steel Markward Tassets

Item # MY100042
The perfect medieval plate armour for protecting your thighs and lower abdomen, the Steel Markward Tassets possess a practical yet sleek-looking design with their sturdy construction, bright metal finish, and riveted detailing.