Steel Thigh Armour

If you think that, after donning a cuirass, greaves, bracers, pauldrons, and a helmet, you're fully armoured, then think again! Your upper legs are still open to attack. Don't worry, though, because Medieval Armour offers the perfect remedy for that, in the form of our steel thigh armour, which can consists of cuisse, tassets, or even groin plates! Thigh armour comes in several different forms, although the most common form of thigh armour found here in this section is the tasset. This piece of functional leg armour consists of a waist belt that suspends overlapping armoured plates that defend the upper legs and waist from attack, providing a more than adequate level of upper leg protection. Thigh armor can also consist of other pieces of leg armour, though, including the cuisse, which is similar to greaves, but is instead worn on the upper leg and thigh. The steel tasset and the steel cuisse can even be combined, to provide protection from both downward attacks and the occasional upward strike from the ground! Being made from steel, this medieval armour is fully functional, which means it works wonders as a piece of SCA thigh armour, providing just the right level of defense that will help turn away stray blows and strikes from what could normally be a difficult area to defend. Because of that strength, these medieval cuisse armours and tasset belts are also fantastic LARP armours, making it much harder for a live action roleplay opponent to slip a blade past your steely defenses. Are you looking for leg protection but don't know where to start? Luckily, you've found the right place, as Medieval Armour has an assortment of steel thigh armour to work with, ranging from fitted steel cuisse to the ever-important and impressively defensive tasset belt.
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Dark Drake Tasset Belt

Item # MCI-2573
No breastplate is required to wear the Dark Drake Tasset Belt. Suspenders fit over the shoulders and the belt wraps around the waist, creating a unique look. Its versatile design allows more freedom in creating your LARP character.

Dark Warrior Tasset Belt

Item # MCI-2430-1
Much thought goes into the creation of a LARP character. Do you rule or serve? Shall you seek the good of the kingdom or become a harbinger of chaos and destruction? Regardless, the Dark Warrior Tasset Belts aids a strong defense.

Dragomir Armour Belt

Item # MY101057
When attempting a grand quest, ensure that you have armour to guard you from an enemy attack. The Dragomir Armour Belt helps to protect your thighs. This armour looks fantastic at your next faire, LARP battle, or cosplay convention.

Edward Darkened Tassets

Item # MY100218
To plot and herald world destruction is the job of the dark knight. How is it that you find your role reversed? Why harm yourself when forced to do good? Ensure your upper legs remain uninjured with the Edward Darkened Tassets.

Edward Steel Tassets

Item # MY100217
The evil scheme of a power-hungry sorcerer has gotten out of hand. All warring kingdoms must form a truce and join forces to vanquish the darkness. Be properly defended and shield your upper legs with the Edward Steel Tassets.

Epic Dark Faulds and Tassets

Item # MCI-3093
A blow to the hip or upper thigh might not be lethal, but it can be enough to put you off balance, leaving you vulnerable to another attack. The Epic Dark Faulds and Tassets help to prevent this potentially fatal occurrence.

Galahad Steel Tassets

Item # MY100223
An unforeseen peril overshadows the kingdom. The monarch calls upon the worthy knight to expel the darkness from the land. The Galahad Steel Tassets guard your mighty limbs while you discover the evil source and set things right.

Illumine Tassets - Brass

Item # MCI-3703
As a powerful elven warrior, you and the kingdom have many enemies trying to defeat you. That is why you wear the Brass Illumine Tassets in combat. These thigh guards are great for LARP events, cosplay conventions, and more.

Imperial Faulds and Tassets

Item # MCI-3092
A blow to the hip or upper thigh might not be lethal, but it can be enough to put you off balance, leaving you vulnerable to another attack. The Imperial Faulds and Tassets help to prevent this potentially fatal occurrence.

Kaspar Blackened Tassets

Item # MY100632
Confident in both your mobility and defense, you bring terror to the battlefield when you are protected by the Kaspar Blackened Tassets. Handcrafted from high-quality steel, the layered plates of each tasset move with your movements.

Kaspar Steel Tassets

Item # MY100631
When it comes to combat, protection is a must. But so is mobility! Add both to your armour with the Kaspar Steel Tassets. Each tassets steel plates are securely, yet flexibly layered together, so that the armour moves with your body.

Lena Steel Tasset Belt

Item # MY100226
Invaders dare to tread upon our northern borders. Gather the other women, and prepare to slay these trespassers. Show them no mercy. Let them fear your fierce Amazon spirit with the Lena Steel Tasset Belt adorning your waist.