Chainmail Hauberks

Chainmail coifs and mittens are all well and good for added protection, but what a warrior really needs is a good suit of chainmail to keep him protected in battle. And at Medieval Armour, we offer a number of good chainmail hauberks and chainmail shirts, all designed to keep you perfectly protected and make you look like an authentic medieval warrior. We offer a number of great chainmail hauberks, made in a variety of different ways to provide a bevy of choices to the warrior in need of armor. Called maille in the ancient days, our chainmail armour is made in several different ways, ranging from the shape of the rings used in the mail to how the rings in the chainmail are closed. For instance, in our riveted chainmail, the rings are closed via rivets, which provide an added touch of protection, while increasing the mail armour's weight, where-as our butted chainmail simply butts the ends of the rings together. Another example is that our flattened chainmail features mail rings that have flat sides, while rounded chainmail features (you guessed it) mail rings that are completely round. We also offer a number of chainmail shirts, which are traditionally shorter than a hauberk and thus, weigh less. We even offer blackened steel chainmail to provide for that incredible and intimidating look that only dark armour can give! And for those warriors who want the authentic look without the need for actual battle protection, we have aluminum chainmail shirts, too, which are perfectly suited for stage productions and show! If you're looking for chainmail armour, whether you want a functional chainmail hauberk for battle or a lightweight chainmail shirt for show, then Medieval Armour is just the place where you want to be, so take a few moments to browse our Chainmail Hauberks, Chainmail Shirts, and Maille Hauberks until you find exactly what you need!
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Alaric Chainmail Hauberk

Item # MCI-3223
When it came to comprehensive protection in battle, knights often relied on chainmail to help withstand an enemys blows. The Alaric Chainmail Hauberk provides coverage from torso to thigh as well as the entire length of the arms.

Aluminum and Rubber Half Sleeve Chainmail Hauberk

Item # HW-701328
When training for a LARP battle royale, you may not want to wear heavy chainmail. Wear this Aluminum and Rubber Half Sleeve Chainmail Hauberk instead. This lightweight chainmail shirt makes putting on a medieval outfit so much easier.

Aluminum and Rubber Long Sleeve Chainmail Hauberk

Item # HW-701333
For many film or theater productions, the Aluminum and Rubber Long Sleeve Chainmail Hauberk makes a great lightweight option for a medieval style. The chainmail also works well for those looking to practice for their next LARP battle.

Berengar Long Sleeve Blackened Chainmail Hauberk

Item # MY100596
From chivalrous knights to scheming mercenaries, skilled warriors of all kinds ought to have good chainmail armour at the ready. The Berengar Long Sleeve Blackened Chainmail Hauberk is designed with a fit similar to a mens XX-Large.

Berengar Long Sleeve Oiled Chainmail Hauberk

Item # MY100597
Proudly wearing the Berengar Long Sleeve Oiled Chainmail Hauberk, you step out onto the field and survey what remains of the enemies you have demolished. The rings of this chainmail tunic are woven in a traditional 4-in-1 pattern.

Berengar Long Sleeve Steel Chainmail Hauberk

Item # MY100595
The Berengar Long Sleeve Steel Chainmail Hauberk was designed with a large fit similar to a mens XX-Large size. Its steel rings are woven together in a traditional 4-in-1 pattern, creating this chainmail shirts formidable protection.

Black Alaric Chainmail Hauberk

Item # MCI-3224
In a dark metal hue, The Black Alaric Chainmail Hauberk is made of mild steel rings linked together to create a long sleeve style that protects its wearer from the torso down to the thighs and throughout the length of the arm.

Black Ragnar Chainmail Hauberk

Item # MCI-3222
If your knightly character is a bit less than noble, or if you just prefer a darker style, then try out the Black Ragnar Chainmail Hauberk. This chainmail provides a comprehensive armoured look with a distinct, dark metal coloration.

Blackened Butted Chainmail Haubergeon

Item # HW-700589BK
The medieval soldier knows to protect as much of their body as they can. Wear the Blackened Butted Chainmail Haubergeon as a part of your costume. It is an ideal armour piece for outfits at LARP events or historical reenactments.

Blackened Butted Chainmail Hauberk

Item # HW-700593BK
Whether a Viking or Crusader, a medieval soldier should not be without chainmail. The Blackened Butted Chainmail Hauberk adds an authentic appearance. Wear this knightly armoured shirt to a historical reenactment or LARP event.

Blackened Chainmail Shirt

Item # 300058
If you wish to become a mighty knight, you must wear some armour to protect yourself. Wear the Blackened Chainmail Shirt. This chainmail shirt is great for historical reenactments, faires, and LARP battles.

Brass Plated Chainmail Shirt

Item # 300102
Add some style and functionality with the Brass Plated Chainmail Shirt to your armoured medieval outfit or fantasy ensemble. This chainmail shirt is great for historical reenactments, faires, and LARP battles.