Steel Greaves

Just as bracers or gauntlets are important for protecting the hands and forearms, greaves are important for protecting the lower leg. And at Medieval Armour, you not only have a selection of functional steel greaves to choose from, but you also have a selection of incredible looking medieval greaves, which come in a wide assortment of different styles. They range from standard steel greaves to blackened steel greaves, to embossed greaves that feature simple design touches across their surface for a bit of minor aesthetic enhancement. They're also offered from a variety of different cultures and eras, ranging from the fantasy era of elven greaves and orcish greaves to the historic era of Spartan greaves and roman greaves. And that's not even counting all the warrior greaves we offer that are fit for virtually any medieval fighter, whether he (or she) be a knight, a soldier, a brigand, an archer, or anything else. Being steel armour, these sets of greaves all make for wonderful SCA greaves, as well as great LARP armour, providing a healthy dose of protection as well as an impressive touch that will make any costume or outfit look authentic and armoured. Are you worried about keeping your legs protected in your next fight? Then take a moment to browse through our steel greaves here at Medieval Armour, and once you find one that suits your need and your personal tastes, pick them up and put them on...and you'll no longer have to worry about a blade cutting your legs right out from under you.
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Dark Drake Steel Greaves

Item # MCI-2602
Step confidently into battle with the Dark Drake Steel Greaves providing necessary protection to your lower legs. These shin guards feature a unique raised pattern and a dark metal finish, suitable for a battlemage or dark knight.

Dark Warrior Steel Greaves

Item # MCI-2601
Bring to life a character born of fantasy and myth, or recreate a medieval soldier from the pages of history. The Dark Warrior Steel Greaves not only guards your lower limbs during LARP, but also offers versatility for your role.

Dragomir Greaves

Item # MY101053
You and your fellow soldiers have beaten back the marching horde. You gained victory while remaining protected by armour like the Dragomir Greaves. Wear these polished greaves into your next LARP battle or cosplay convention.

Economy Steel Greaves

Item # AH-A016
If you are heading into battle, then you can bet that you will want to keep your legs armored. After all, cutting an opponents legs out from under them is a sure-fire way to win. These Economy Steel Greaves are a defense against that.

Economy Steel Leg Guards

Item # AH-A018
For a warrior going into battle, armor is important. Not just armor on the head and chest, but also armor on the arms and legs, too. These Economy Steel Leg Guards are protectors that are designed to help keep you safe.

Edward Darkened Greaves

Item # MY100212
You never know what forgotten secrets and strange magic are uncovered in your quest for power. The enchanted skull that bit you remains forever in your memory, so you wear the Edward Darkened Greaves on your forbidden ventures.

Edward Steel Greaves

Item # MY100211
Unexpected mysteries and perils confront the good crusader when on a noble quest. The unholy creatures that have attacked your legs need no mentioning. Safely enclose your shins in the strong defense of the Edward Steel Greaves.

Enclosed Leg Protection

Item # MCI-2607
Rescuing damsels in distress and slaying evil dragons can often take the gleam out of armour. For the LARPer who seeks battle gear worthy of a knight in shining armour, the Enclosed Leg Protection is a great pair to add to your set.

Illumine Greaves - Brass

Item # MCI-3707
Great warrior, it is important that you protect your legs just as much as your torso. Wear the Brass Illumine Greaves to guard against enemy attacks. These steel greaves are great for LARP events, cosplay conventions, and more.

Medieval Closed Greaves

Item # MH-A0919
The Medieval Closed Greaves consist of shin and calf plates, offering great protection to the lower leg of the wearer. The steel greaves are connected with hinges on the outer sides and fastened with leather straps and brass buckles.

Milanese Greaves

Item # AB0065
Made to protect the shin, these greaves are designed to be used with the upper thigh protection afforded by AB0064 and are a part of the Milanese Suit of Armour AB0063. This amour was produced in Italy throughout the 15th century.
$149.00 $138.00

Persian Greaves - Epic Dark

Item # MCI-3358
Harkening back to the times of ancient Troy and the warriors that fought against heroes of legend, the Persian Greaves - Epic Dark are leg protection that emanates martial prowess. These steel greaves go with any warrior outfit!