Steel Greaves

Just as bracers or gauntlets are important for protecting the hands and forearms, greaves are important for protecting the lower leg. And at Medieval Armour, you not only have a selection of functional steel greaves to choose from, but you also have a selection of incredible looking medieval greaves, which come in a wide assortment of different styles. They range from standard steel greaves to blackened steel greaves, to embossed greaves that feature simple design touches across their surface for a bit of minor aesthetic enhancement. They're also offered from a variety of different cultures and eras, ranging from the fantasy era of elven greaves and orcish greaves to the historic era of Spartan greaves and roman greaves. And that's not even counting all the warrior greaves we offer that are fit for virtually any medieval fighter, whether he (or she) be a knight, a soldier, a brigand, an archer, or anything else. Being steel armour, these sets of greaves all make for wonderful SCA greaves, as well as great LARP armour, providing a healthy dose of protection as well as an impressive touch that will make any costume or outfit look authentic and armoured. Are you worried about keeping your legs protected in your next fight? Then take a moment to browse through our steel greaves here at Medieval Armour, and once you find one that suits your need and your personal tastes, pick them up and put them on...and you'll no longer have to worry about a blade cutting your legs right out from under you.
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Persian Steel Greaves

Item # MCI-3303
Everyone knows what happened to the great Achilles, he hurt his heel and paid the price for it, all because he was not wearing the Persian Steel Greaves! Learn from his mistakes and protect your weak heel from enemy attacks.

Ragnar Greaves

Item # MY100021
Inspired by historical Nordic armour patterns, the Ragnar Greaves possess a distinctive look that is sure to stand out on the battlefield. These steel greaves are crafted from seven metal strips riveted onto two leather straps.

Ready For Battle Steel Greaves

Item # MCI-2682
These Ready For Battle Steel Greaves are crafted from 18 gauge steel. While the picture looks slightly dark, please note that they have a bright shiny steel finish. With their simple design, these come at a very affordable price.

Roman Steel Greaves

Item # 300010
Greaves are designed to protect the lower leg from the cut of a sword or the vicious kicking that occurred during battle. Our Roman Greaves feature an articulated knee piece that provides extra protection.

Scout Leg Guards - Epic Dark

Item # MCI-3704
As you check out the nearby area, you spot the enemy. You slip away to report the news while wearing the Epic Dark Scout Leg Guards in case of attack. These steel greaves are great for LARP events, cosplay conventions, and more.

Scout Leg Guards - Polished Steel

Item # MCI-3705
You know that many wish to prevent the success of your mission. You make sure to guard yourself from attack with the Polished Steel Scout Leg Guards. These steel greaves are great for LARP events, cosplay conventions, and more.

Steel Adam Greaves

Item # MY100017
The Steel Adam Greaves make an excellent choice for leg protection when you are heading into the fray of battle. These steel greaves display a bright metal finish that will go superbly with other pieces of LARP armour.

Steel Balthasar Greaves

Item # MY100014
Keeping mobile on the battlefield is critical, so guard your legs with the help of plate armour like the Steel Balthasar Greaves. These steel greaves feature a bright metal finish that suits medieval knights and champions.

Steel Fafnir Greaves

Item # MY100028
Combining comfort and protection, the Steel Fafnir Greaves make a superb choice for LARP battles and re-enactments. The steel greaves are crafted with metal plates that are riveted on a backing of padded suede leather.

Steel Georg Greaves

Item # MY100016
Add both protection and style to your LARP ensemble with the help of the Steel Georg Greaves. These fantastic steel greaves cover your shins while displaying fine detail with corrugated edges and rivets along the ridge.

Steel Gustav Greaves

Item # MY100022
Keeping mobile in battle is a real concern, making the Steel Gustav Greaves a great way to protect your legs and stay moving. The steel greaves offer coverage from knee to ankle with a distinctive outward curve at the bottom.

Steel Harald Greaves

Item # MY100024
Named for the infamous Harald Bluetooth of Denmark, the Steel Harald Greaves make a fantastic addition to your LARP armour. The steel greaves feature a central bend running down the front, adding strength and stiffness to the design.