Steel Greaves

Just as bracers or gauntlets are important for protecting the hands and forearms, greaves are important for protecting the lower leg. And at Medieval Armour, you not only have a selection of functional steel greaves to choose from, but you also have a selection of incredible looking medieval greaves, which come in a wide assortment of different styles. They range from standard steel greaves to blackened steel greaves, to embossed greaves that feature simple design touches across their surface for a bit of minor aesthetic enhancement. They're also offered from a variety of different cultures and eras, ranging from the fantasy era of elven greaves and orcish greaves to the historic era of Spartan greaves and roman greaves. And that's not even counting all the warrior greaves we offer that are fit for virtually any medieval fighter, whether he (or she) be a knight, a soldier, a brigand, an archer, or anything else. Being steel armour, these sets of greaves all make for wonderful SCA greaves, as well as great LARP armour, providing a healthy dose of protection as well as an impressive touch that will make any costume or outfit look authentic and armoured. Are you worried about keeping your legs protected in your next fight? Then take a moment to browse through our steel greaves here at Medieval Armour, and once you find one that suits your need and your personal tastes, pick them up and put them on...and you'll no longer have to worry about a blade cutting your legs right out from under you.
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Steel Jost Greaves

Item # MY100025
The Steel Jost Greaves showcase a striking look, displaying a riveted trim along the edges of the design. This pair of steel greaves offers coverage from your knee to ankle with a distinctive outward curve at the bottom.

Steel Lucas Youth Greaves

Item # MY100027
The Lucas armour series has been specially designed for young heroes-in-training who want to test their mettle. The Steel Lucas Youth Greaves are made with some flexibility so that they can adjust slightly along with growing kids.

Steel Markward Greaves

Item # MY100019
The Steel Markward Greaves features a simple yet elegant design, showing off a bright metal finish and smooth curves on the sides of the top. A central bend runs down the front, adding strength and stiffness to the steel greaves.

Steel Vladimir Greaves

Item # MY100030
Protect your mobility by making the Steel Vladimir Greaves a regular part of your medieval warrior ensemble. The steel greaves are composed of multiple curved metal segments, including a piece that can be closed around the calf.

Steel Warrior Greaves

Item # MCI-2600
The Steel Warrior Greaves have a simple yet appealing design. They feature a smooth finish with small studs along the top and bottom edges. The Steel Warrior Greaves are crafted from 18 gauge steel and are sold as a pair.

Viking Leg Protection

Item # MCI-3144
While the Viking Leg Protection may appear fragile at first glance, do not be fooled! The ancient splint armour can be worn over leather or clothing with the vertical steel strips providing excellent protection to your shins.