Viking Helmets

As fearsome as they were, even Viking warriors were not above wearing helmets. And here in this section of Medieval Armour, you'll find not only all of our Viking helmets, but also all of our Norman Helmets and our Anglo-Saxon Helmets, as all three of these peoples favored head protection that descended from a single, common source. Many of our Viking helms are remarkably simple and straightforward, almost like the warriors who favored them. Many Norse helmets in general, actually, replicate the traditional spangenhelm or the Norman helm, both of which were designed with protection first and appearance second. Not all of our Viking helmets are so uncomplicated, though. Some, like the Coppergate helmet, are designed to be ornate and impressive, while others, like the Viking winged helmet and the Sutton Hoo helmet, are impressive shows of Viking style that were no doubt designed to intimidate and inspire fear. Most, if not all of our Viking helmets are also steel helmets, and many of them are designed to take a few good knocks, meaning that they can be used as reenactment helmets and SCA helmets with ease. We even offer a few Viking horned helmets, because even though they didn't actually wear them, nothing says 'Viking' like a pair of horns on your helmet. Historically accurate and fully functional, the Viking Helmets and Norman Helmets offered here at Medieval Armour are all a great choice for any warrior to wear whenever they plan on going into SCA combat or reenactments, as well as great display pieces for any Viking enthusiast to show off and enjoy.

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Leather Vendel Viking Helmet

Item # 300551
Norse sagas tell the tale of powerful kingdoms, and archeological finds echo the lore. Those awesome finds inspired the Leather Vendel Viking Helmet. This medieval helm is great for LARP events, historical conventions, and faires.

Medieval Saxon Nasal Helm with Aventail

Item # NP-V-80635
This Medieval Saxon Nasal Helm with Aventail is made from 18 gauge steel and displays an authentic look. Nasal helms are simple in design, but helmets like this one enjoyed great success throughout early medieval Europe for a time.
$112.50 $78.75

Nasal Helmet

Item # AH-6740
There is a reason why this Norman helmet saw wide-spread use over the course of history. The Nasal Helmet might look simple, but it is that simplicity that makes this helmet so effective, as it offers great protection at little cost.

Nasal Helmet

Item # AB3068
This Nasal helmet features a reinforced 10 gauge nasal and is leather lined with a chin strap. The rest of the helmet is made in 16 gauge steel and is ready for use. The Nasal Helmet is somewhat lightweight and great for reenactments.

Norman Helmet with Aventail

Item # AB1676
Your typical Norman helm might have been quite protective, but there were ways to improve it design. The Norman Helmet with Aventail is a classic helmet at its finest, with the added defenses of a mail aventail thrown in for good measure.

Norman Nasal Helmet

Item # MCI-2423
Nothing beats a classic Norman Nasal Helmet when it comes to a classic Viking look. This helmet features a shiny metal finish that makes the helmet all but gleam in the light, while retaining the classic look of a Norman helm.

Norman Nasal Helmet

Item # AB1500
At first glance, a helm like this Norman Nasal Helmet might appear to be similar to a spangenhelm, but the two are actually quite different, with the primary differences coming from how the two helms were constructed.

Norse Steel Spangenhelm

Item # HW-700945
Some armour designs were nearly universal across Europe during the Middle Ages. The Norse Steel Spangenhelm recreates one of the most common helmets. This nasal guard helmet is wonderful for historical reenactments or cosplay events.

Norse Warrior Helmet with Aventail

Item # HW-700499
The Norse Warrior Helmet with Aventail resembles the ancient helmets of Viking fighters recovered in Scandinavia. This Viking helmet has a large face guard that covers the nose of its wearer, almond eye holes, and attached chainmail.

Norseman Helmet

Item # 300550
The only known Viking helmet with the possibility of reconstruction was found in Norway. This great archeological find inspired the Norseman Helmet. This fully functional helm is wonderful for LARP events, medieval faires, and more.

Peter Steel Helmet

Item # MY100648
Preparing to duel with your sworn nemesis, you secure the Peter Steel Helmet over your arming cap. Drawing inspiration from the time of Crusaders, this handmade steel helmet features a full face plate for fearsome protection.

Phrygian Nasal Helmet

Item # AB0459
The Nasal Helm was originally designed in the early 9th century, but soon evolved into its own. It was the most plentiful helmet used in the early middle ages, and was used well into the late middle ages as well.