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Leather Greaves

A good pair of leather greaves can save your life, or at least save your skin when it comes to reenactments and mock-battles. Modeled after traditional medieval greaves, the leather leg armour here at Medieval Armour is aimed at keeping your legs safe in a fight, ensuring that you can focus your attention on the battle at hand, instead of on how well protected you are. Virtually all of our leather greaves, ranging from the plain greaves to the more ornate and fantasy style greaves, are made from quality leather that is designed to stand up to wear, tear, and use, making each one a great LARP leather greave to wear when marching off into battle. Some are even made from armour-grade leather, making them perfect for use as SCA leather greaves too, where they will provide more than adequate protection against blows and glancing strikes that end up hurtling towards your legs. And we offer a range of different styles, from those modeled after medieval armour like our gladiator greaves and our roman greaves, to those modeled to suit fantasy and style, like our berserker leather greaves, as well as anything in-between the two that will perfectly serve as a set of knights greaves or mercenary greaves. There's no reason to march into battle with your legs unprotected, not when Medieval Armour offers a wide assortment of leather greaves, in a wide range of prices, ensuring that there's a leg protection that suits your needs, and more importantly, your taste.
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Celtic Mantikor Leather Greaves

Item # MY100691
Fight bravely for your clan in a battle worthy of historical legend or become a mystic warrior of a fantasy realm while wearing the Celtic Mantikor Leather Greaves. This fine pair offers protection to your shins during LARP warfare.

Chevron Flame Leather Greaves - Black

Item # HW-700146
Keep your legs covered and protect yourself from the dagger blows of crafty halflings. Equip yourself with the Black Chevron Flame Leather Greaves! Feel like a mighty warrior when you wear this medieval leg armour.

Childrens Woodland Warrior Greaves

Item # DK4107
Displaying intricate details inspired by the natural world, these Childrens Woodland Warrior Greaves are perfect for young elves, fairies, and druids participating in light armored combat or attending medieval costumed events.

Dark Lord's Greaves

Item # RT-139
Any Dark Lord who marches onto the battlefield should be protected by a suit of armor that displays their power and majesty. When it comes to proper leg protection, none complement that look better than these Dark Lords Greaves.

Dark Rogue Leather Greaves

Item # DK5210
Rolling to evade the iron hammer, the thief sighed. So much for a quiet night. Before the blacksmith could recover, the thief kicked over the table, his Dark Rogue Leather Greaves protecting him from the sharp teeth of the smiths cur.

Dragon King Greaves

Item # DK5208
The spiky scales of a dragon are sure to make a statement as a part of your armored appearance. These Dragon King Greaves are made entirely from leather that is three-dimensionally shaped to resemble the iconic dragon scale.

Elven Leaf Leather Greaves

Item # DK5207
In most mythos, elves typically find a harmony with nature. That their armour draws inspiration from the forest is not surprising. By emulating this notion, we have created our own take on elven armor, the Elven Leaf Leather Greaves.

Erend Leather Greaves

Item # MY101248
Whether you fight as part of a great army or just for personal glory, ensure you have great armour protecting you. Wear these Erend Leather Greaves. These greaves look wonderful at a variety of LARP events or fantasy conventions.

Fleur-de-Lis Lancelot Leather Greaves

Item # MY100690
Enter a LARP realm inspired by tales of epic fantasy or one of a historical setting with the Fleur-de-Lis Lancelot Leather Greaves guarding your steps. Handmade from high-quality leather, this pair offers protection to your shins.

Gawain Greaves

Item # MY101023
Before heading into battle, make sure that you protect your shins. Wear proper leg armour like the Gawain Greaves to ensure a swift and sure victory. These greaves look great as part of a LARP or cosplay costume for a fantasy event.

Geralt Leather Greaves

Item # MY100840
For the rogue or quiet warrior looking to carry as much as possible, armour that does both jobs is a great option. Look at our Geralt Leather Greaves. This set of greaves makes a great addition to LARP outfits and cosplay costumes.

Gothic Leather Greaves

Item # DK5206
If you are looking for a pair of leather greaves that feature a little more character than a simple, plain leather plate that curves around your leg, but still want to avoid overt designs, then consider our Gothic Leather Greaves.