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Leather Greaves

A good pair of leather greaves can save your life, or at least save your skin when it comes to reenactments and mock-battles. Modeled after traditional medieval greaves, the leather leg armour here at Medieval Armour is aimed at keeping your legs safe in a fight, ensuring that you can focus your attention on the battle at hand, instead of on how well protected you are. Virtually all of our leather greaves, ranging from the plain greaves to the more ornate and fantasy style greaves, are made from quality leather that is designed to stand up to wear, tear, and use, making each one a great LARP leather greave to wear when marching off into battle. Some are even made from armour-grade leather, making them perfect for use as SCA leather greaves too, where they will provide more than adequate protection against blows and glancing strikes that end up hurtling towards your legs. And we offer a range of different styles, from those modeled after medieval armour like our gladiator greaves and our roman greaves, to those modeled to suit fantasy and style, like our berserker leather greaves, as well as anything in-between the two that will perfectly serve as a set of knights greaves or mercenary greaves. There's no reason to march into battle with your legs unprotected, not when Medieval Armour offers a wide assortment of leather greaves, in a wide range of prices, ensuring that there's a leg protection that suits your needs, and more importantly, your taste.
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Kids Felix Leather Greaves

Item # MY100500
Make sure your child is ready for the fun and excitement of a LARP quest while properly fortified against the bruises and scratches of battle. The Kids Felix Leather Greaves assists in the avoidance of injury during said adventure.

Leather Gladiator Greaves

Item # DK5201
Similar to the greaves worn by Russell Crowe in the movie Gladiator, these leather greaves are made of thick armor grade, 13/15 oz. leather and have two buckles in the back for securing them on to your legs.

Leather Sabatons

Item # DK5270
Our Leather Sabatons are the final touch for your medieval armor ensemble. We craft our sabatons from top quality 13/15 oz. leather. They are adjustable to fit any adult shoe size and attach over your footwear.

Leather Samurai Greaves

Item # RT-229
Inspired by the armour worn by Japanese samurai warriors, the Leather Samurai Greaves are a spectacular choice for any LARPer who desires suiting up in the regalia of these elite warriors and bringing honor to the battle field.

Leather Swordsman Greaves

Item # 200858
A truly cunning warrior knows that to claim victory in battle, they must protect themselves. They wear armour like these Leather Swordsman Greaves. These greaves are fantastic for LARP events, cosplaying, and Renaissance faires.

Lion Greaves

Item # MY100866
A leather armour ensemble does not look complete without every piece. Do not forget to include the Lion Greaves when creating your warrior outfit. Impress everyone with your defensive armour at a fantasy convention or LARP event.

Lorica Segmenta Greaves

Item # DK5204
Our Lorica Segmenta Greaves will compliment any Roman or Medieval outfit. Wear them with your Lorica Segmenta or with any other armour, and they will look great. Made of layered 7/8 oz. leather, they have straps and buckles for closure.

Mercenary Leather Greaves

Item # RT-237
The forest proves an effective cover as you watch the abductors bring forth the captive. A safe return earns a high prize, so you move with care. You take the rogues unaware, your lower limbs clad in the Mercenary Leather Greaves.

Molded Leather Greaves

Item # DK5202
Our Molded Leather Greaves provide excellent protection for the lower leg and knees. The leather is hardened courbouille style and molded to follow the natural curvature of the knee, also providing 180 degree protection.

Necromancer's Greaves

Item # RT-134
There is no greater way to intimidate your foes and impress your allies than to demonstrate your eldritch style that hearkens back to the few who control the undead. With these Necromancers Greaves, that is not a hard look to create.

Octavius Leather Greaves

Item # MY100997
When fighting in the arena, you do not want to be distracted by a blow to the shins. Ensure fewer distractions with the Octavius Leather Greaves. This leather armour is wonderful for LARP battles and training or other fantasy events.

Odomar Viking Leather Greaves

Item # RT-248
A summons calls the Norse farmer to quit the field and take on the role of a Viking raider. Having encased the torso and arms in durable leather armour, the warrior defensively clads the shins in the Odomar Viking Leather Greaves.