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Leather Greaves

A good pair of leather greaves can save your life, or at least save your skin when it comes to reenactments and mock-battles. Modeled after traditional medieval greaves, the leather leg armour here at Medieval Armour is aimed at keeping your legs safe in a fight, ensuring that you can focus your attention on the battle at hand, instead of on how well protected you are. Virtually all of our leather greaves, ranging from the plain greaves to the more ornate and fantasy style greaves, are made from quality leather that is designed to stand up to wear, tear, and use, making each one a great LARP leather greave to wear when marching off into battle. Some are even made from armour-grade leather, making them perfect for use as SCA leather greaves too, where they will provide more than adequate protection against blows and glancing strikes that end up hurtling towards your legs. And we offer a range of different styles, from those modeled after medieval armour like our gladiator greaves and our roman greaves, to those modeled to suit fantasy and style, like our berserker leather greaves, as well as anything in-between the two that will perfectly serve as a set of knights greaves or mercenary greaves. There's no reason to march into battle with your legs unprotected, not when Medieval Armour offers a wide assortment of leather greaves, in a wide range of prices, ensuring that there's a leg protection that suits your needs, and more importantly, your taste.
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Simple Leather Greaves

Item # DK5205
Hand-crafted from thick, armor-grade 13/15 oz. leather, these greaves will not disappoint. They provide more than adequate protection to your lower legs, and they do so at a lesser weight than most metal greaves can offer.

Squire Leather Greaves

Item # MCI-2180
The Squires Leather Greaves are ideal for LARP use and even theater productions or plays. They are made from segments of leather that are sewn and laced together. The greaves are backed with a soft suede for comfort when wearing.
$70.00 $37.80

Tobi Leather Greaves

Item # MY100356
Scaled down in size for younger fans of LARP and historical reenactment, the Tobi Leather Greaves are adorned with rivets along the top and bottom cuffs as well as on a decorative horizontal strip, giving them a stylish, detailed look.

Torson Leather Greaves

Item # MY100589
The fight might be gruesome, but well worth it for the taste of victory. With the Torson Leather Greaves protecting your lower legs, you step confidently onto the battlefield, the runes embossed at their knees boosting your resolve.

Valkyrie's Greaves

Item # RT-173
Despite being divine, Valkyries were not totally immune to harm, and so they wore armor to defend themselves from enemy attacks. These Valkyries Greaves feature a Norse design that would look great on a Valkyrie or her chosen warrior.

Woodland Leather Greaves

Item # RT-255
The trees cry out in alarm. The wood elves must gather their greatest warriors. Evil lurks beyond our border, threatening all peace and prosperity. Let your path remain true with the Woodland Leather Greaves as a solid defense.

Woodland Warrior Greaves

Item # DK5209
Featuring a richly engraved pattern emulating wood grain, the Woodland Warrior Greaves are the perfect way to complete your desired look of natural wonder as they protect your would be vulnerable legs from the attacks of your foes.